Dylan Large Speedy

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  1. Is the Dylan Large Speedy a really huge bag? Does it slouch at all? :confused1:
  2. yes it is huge and yes it does slouch..I returned mine because I thought it was too big but I may get one again!!
  3. Yes it is big. In fact, I just got mine yesterday and have to say that I am sending it bag. It is a beautiful bag but it does not lay right against my shoulder, in fact it kind of hurts. I am not sure if I got defective shoulder straps or what. I am going to call LP here shortly and see if they can help.
  4. If you do a search of this forum, you will find everything you ever wanted to know about this bag.
  5. Amelia72,
    I have to agree that the straps are way too hard. That is the main reason that I sent mine back.
  6. Is it "long speedy" I just ordered one in crimson last night and now I'm worried! I am only 5'3..and I like big bags..and I hope this one isn't too big for me? should I cancel the order?

  7. I called LP customer service yesterday about the hard straps. I was told that no one has called and reported it as a problem and that I should try to wear the bag for several days and see if the straps soften. I don't know, I am still thinking of sending it back. Love the bag but I want comfort too!!! Not sure what I should get in its place. Any suggestions?
  8. As hard as those straps are, I don't see them softening up that much. I hate that they were so uncomfortable because I loved the bag.

  9. I have to agree with you. I was looking at returning it for the long speedy but I have no idea if the staps are as hard as the large speedy. Does anyone know? Maybe I should play it safe and get a dylan shoulder. Too bad they are out of whiskey. Love that color!!!
  10. I have a new Large Speedy in Iron with a different handle problem. The handles are the same length but they've formed different shapes. One is shorter/rounder, the other taller/narrower - so the bag hangs cockeyed on my shoulder. I've tried bending the round handle but it's stronger than I am. Next up: hanging on a door handle with weight in the bag. If that doesn't work, perhaps a trip to Barry Ave. to visit my friends at LP.
  11. DSC05520.JPG

    this is my new dylan large speedy which i received today.
    i am also experiencing the hard handle problem, but something i could live with. the leather is just devine, and for the price that i got it for from LP website, it was silly to pass on.

  12. I've compared the handles on my new Dylan to those on my older Dylans; unfortunately, there is a significant difference. The older Dylans have handles that are light and flexible - very comfortable. The handles on the new bag are about twice as thick and extremely rigid - not the components of comfort. I think I'll call LP and let them know that this is not a figment of Amelia's imagination.
  13. I just spoke to Dani at LP who was very nice and helpful, as usual. She told me that she's received at least three other complaints about the straps on the Dylan Large Speedy and that she's forwarded the message on to the design team. She also said that the Iron Large Speedy was a special cut for online sales only, and that the Spring line of Dylans have good handles!

    As long as I'm able to work out the handle shape issue, I'm keeping mine because I love the color (and the price!).

  14. I must of been the first to call in about the straps. Hope that you can work out your issues with your straps. Maybe I will just return mine and wait for the spring selection.
  15. I returned mine in November for the bad straps.:sad: