Dylan and Jackie...what's the dif?

  1. i had a chance to see the jackie in eggplant in person yesterday. the leather is different from any other kooba leather i've seen before. (although bear in mind i don't get to see a lot of koobas). The leather looks shiny, and the eggplant isn't a deep rich plum like i thought it would be. there's a lot of brown in it. it's very lightweight. i don't know if the weird flap and inner strap buckle combo would bug me but i think i want one.

    i'm trying to figure out what's the difference between the jackie and the dylan. is the jackie just more ruched? is it larger? jc madison gives dimensions but i'm not really getting it...



    the only difference i can see from pics is that the jackie has two straps, and the dylan has one. i prefer double straps so i think i might lean toward the dylan...

    what do you ladies think? :smile:

    ps. today is protest the shift key day...lol
  2. OKay, not sure but does the Dylan have one big top flap over the whole top while the Jackie has 2 folded down sides that have a inside snap closure?

    The Dylan is a smaller bag by a little bit.
  3. the jackie is weird inside, yes. i'm not sure whether the dylan has the same system, but i'd prefer it without the weird snaps inside. i like the dylan's larger flap too.
  4. Dylan has larger flap, Jackie has big flap too. There are several bags in this "family" - Jackie, Dylan, Linda, Harper and Katy. Measurements are as follows: Jackie - 16W X 11H X 6D, drop is 8 inches; Dylan - 15W X 13H X 2-1/2D, drop is 8 inches; Linda - 12W X 10-1/2H X 2-1/2D, drop is 7-1/2 inches; Harper - 12W X 10H X 3D, drop is 5 inches (only tote carrying) and Katy - 16W X 9H X 6D, drop is 8 inches. They have pockets on the sides which add an extra inch of width per side.

  5. So does that mean the Jackie is a lot roomier of a bag?
    I was going to go with the Dylan but you say the Dylan has is only 2 1/2D while the Jackie is 6D. does d stand for depth? that means it's pretty narrow then right? argh. so confusing. i need a pretty big bag so a 2 1/2 d wouldn't work for me. but i hate the double strap configuration. sheesh. :confused1:
  6. I still want to know what happens when you let down the suspenders. *s
  7. Looks like Jacks is a bit more wide towards the bottom, more of an A shaped bag than is Dylan. I like Jackie better, personally than Dylan.

    But I'm still holding out on the fall stuff.
  8. Yes, "D" is depth, but the bag depth will expand with the contents you place inside - at least that's what I'm told.
  9. Wow - I think I am changing my mind about the Dylan, especially in cuoio. I wasn't attracted to most of the fall bags I'd seen but seeing them on a model really makes a difference for me.

    As an example, had I seen the Hilarie on a model before ordering I would not have done so. Really love the look of the bag and the changes to the interior (additional small slip pockets) but it is just too big of a satchel even for me (Big Bag Queen). Fully loaded with my 'stuff' it still had so much empty space it looked misshapen for a satchel. :sad:
  10. Sigh. I wish the store I went to had one of both. They had the Jackie and then a couple of the smaller versions...maybe the Katy? So I didn't bother trying that one on. I was leaning toward the Jackie too, in fact, it was a no brainer. But after having SO many bags with the double handles that always fall off my shoulder, I'm sick of them, so I thought the Dylan.

    If anyone has any other comments, please let me know. It's really hard to make a decision atm.
  11. Hi Jade, I got a chance to see the Jackie, the Dylan, the Linda and the Katy in person today at Nordstrom. I agree with you that the leather is quite different; it has a real sheen to it and is not as smooshy as other Koobas. Would probably hold up nicely in the rain. The bags felt very substantial. The eggplant color definitely has a lot of brown in it. The lava is a very dark brown/black color.

    In general, the Jackie seemed rather nice, but could be a pain to get in and out of. It has a magnetic closure but then these two straps that fasten together in the middle that come from opposite sides. (I guess you could leave them unfastened.) It was a nice size; looked roomy and reasonably large. I did rather like the Linda, which is the smallest version of that bag as a sort of "going out to dinner" kind of bag, much easier to get in and out of. I know the Linda is way too small for you. I also liked the Katy, but probably not enough to buy it at the moment!

  12. Youngster,

    What was the Dylan like in comparison to the Jackie? Did you have as much of a hassle getting in and out of the bag? I'm curious about the roominess too. I was leaning toward the Jackie but the double straps are a big drawback for me. I don't want to compromise size though. I might have to stick with it.
  13. I thought the Dylan would be easier to get in and out of, but it is not as large a bag. Those couple extra inches do make a difference. It's a tough call, ease of use vs. size.