Dying your clothes/fabric

  1. Does anyone dye their clothes into different colors to switch it up? I am thinking about doing it on some of my light-colored t-shirts, but am super scared. I don't want TIE-DYE look. So I don't know how hard it would be to get a uniform color on a piece of clothing. Also, we just got a new washing machine and I am so afraid I am going to mess up the washing machine. Will the drum of the washing machine turn into whatever dye color I used?

    Could anyone give me some pointers? Perhaps there is a way to not use the washing machine when dying clothes/fabric?
  2. I've used Rit dye in the washing machine before to dye fabric and clothes. It's turned out well; when I told people I dyed them myself, they couldnt' believe it LOL. The dye didn't dye anything in my washing machine and after dyeing, I ran the washer thru with just some bleach in it once or twice to be sure all the dye was gone and I didn't get any dye on my next load of laundry LOL.

    Otherwise you could always just use a big tupperware tub.
  3. Check out the tie dyeing supplies at http://www.dharmatrading.com-- you don't have to do traditional tie-dye at all! The secret is 1) fabric content (100% cotton is best) 2) pre-treating the fabric. 3) post-treating the fabric. It's a 2 day process but the color you get will rich and true and won't fade with washing. You can buy the basic the-dyeing kit for about $22 and it comes with some traditional tie dye colors or you can order more specific colors or go really crazy and try mixing your own. I used to be really into tye die and have experience with their products. I have also dyed plain old boring clothes using the tie dye process with great success. The entire dyeing process can be done by hand, no problem. Have fun!
  4. I have dyed clothing many times with great results. I always just do it in the washing machine so there is no chance of it ending up uneven. I use dylon machine dyes- they already have salt in the pack so all you do it empty the pack to the drum of the washing machine and add your damp clothes and set it for a 60degree wash cycle.
  5. Afterwards you add washing detergent and run another 60degree washing cycle and in the end you run an empty wash which cleans the dye out of the machine. Super easy way to change the look of your clothes!