Dying your Bbag a TOTALLY different color??

  1. i'm wondering if anyone has had their whole bag redyed? what does it look like (does the leather feel different)? do they dye that cloth piece next to the zippers?
  2. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT!! Balenciaga owners are particular people and they will not TOUCH a bag that has been completely redyed.

    I have a bag that just had restoration on handles, corners, and buckles and am having a hard time reselling. Also, eBay has a bag completely dyed (Beautiful bubblegum) only asking 399 and no one will touch. (FYI: my bag remains smooshy and wonderful, still there is resistance)

    If your bag is for YOU to keep forever, you may want to consider. But when you do this, the leather is changed forever. Harder, crisper, with a different aroma.

    If you can possibly, AT ALL, avoid this I would. Some tPF members have had their bags restored and say that their leather is still PERFECT and I am sure it is. The problem is: with resale we can't feel and smell these bags so as soon as you say "bag dyed", people drop like flies.

    If I wanted to do this and keep the bag for you, ask some tPF's where they went and ask brutally, specific questions (to the company) about what you want.

    I recommend to try a professional CLEANING before redying.

    Thanks, hope the info helps!!!
  3. i had a refinished bag that had bot the front and back redyed. the only places not redyed were the leather pieces with the hardware. the bag smelled like a leather jacket and was not as glossy as unfinished bag.

    the only thing i loved about it was that the leather was sturdy, good for an everyday bag.

    as for resale value, i took a killing on it. I lost the most on it about $300.
  4. What kind of place should we go to redye our bbags?? TIA
    What's the average price for redying?
  5. I recently sent my Sky city for redying...I am waiting for it to get back to me. I intially tried to restore the bag myself, but the discoloration was quite noticable in sunlight...I have never sold any of my BBags, so once I get them they stay with me:yes: ....I have had a pic sent to me following the restoration, the colour does look a lot brighter and dense than the original Sky blue, but I see this as me having a bespoke BBag that no-one else will have!!:wlae:

    If there is the slightest chance that you would sell your BBag in the future, I would avoid it if possible.
  6. Why do we need to redye for an expensive bag? The dye on the bag is easy to fade off? Can't balenciaga offer the dyeing service? (LV has some repaired service):shrugs: I want a bbag for a while, but I am not so sure about the color fading issue.
  7. I have a white bbag and it is about 1.5 yrs old now. When I first bought it, it was nice and white. I put it away last winter and took it out this summer. When I took it out, I noticed that the white leather has yellowed a little...and the handles have darkened due to use. I am embarrassed to take it out now because it looks awful! I have thoughts of dye-ing it black...so sad :crybaby:. Has anyone dyed their bbag?? And if so, where would you go to have such a service done to your bag? Thanks in advance. :heart:

  8. I haven't had it done, but i've heard others post that their bags came back stiffer.

    Try LMB and see if they can restore it, they can take away the dark handles, but not sure about the yellowing - they can dye it too if this is the route you really want to take. Good luck!

  9. I have seen on tv u can rub toothpaste on the yellowing parts to restore it back to white.. If ur really desprate try that.. And the handles u could buy apple care or LMB cleanser to clean it up..
  10. hey guys,

    i bought my white twiggy since beginnin of 07 and it has turned a little grey already :sad: and the handles has darkened as well. was thinkin of sending it for cleaning or redyein. if i choose to redye, should it remain white or should i dye it black instead? the zippers are the same colour right? TIA!:yes:
  11. I don't know too much about re-dying, but I do think that it can change the leather softness/texture. Just a warning since we all :heart: our Bals for the leather!
  12. have you checked the care & feed sub-forum about re-dyeing? the zipper's the same colour but not the zipper tape, right?? why not wait a while longer, then have it cleaned but not re-dyed? then the next time round, protect the bag with leathercare products so it'll last longer before the next cleanup. jmho.
  13. HI...I was just wondering if any of you ladies have done this???? I have a pale rose "shopping", and was thinking of dying it black (not myself, of course), but wanted to see if this had been done by anyone....and with what luck. If so...could you post pics????
  14. maybe you have to check the reference sub-forum, under the care & feed section. i think i read that re-dyeing will alter the texture of the leather.