Dying to get these, but are they still in existence?

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    Out of nowhere I suddenly fell in love with the Christian Louboutin Pigalle pumps :love:. Now I'm dying to get a pair, and I'm not really prepared to pay the $899 :wtf: that someone is selling them for on eBay; that would be my very last resort.

    I'm well aware that the heels are 5", but I've lived in heels since I was 15, so I'll get used to these somehow :lol:.

    Does Christian Louboutin have a customer service number I can call, or do I have to call a boutique and ask them to go on a manhunt for me?
  2. Sandra, $899 is almost one of your LE LVs! LOL!!!! But these shoes are hot!!
  3. OMG...they are beautiful...I want them too!!!
  4. yes, a fact i am painfully aware of :lol:!
  5. I saw these somewhere and I don't think it was eBay. I'll poke around and see if I can find them. What size are you?
  6. CL doesn't have a general line. They have 3 stores in the US so you can call one and they'll check the others (or you can just call yourself). There's a NM personal shopper service that's great. I just e-mailed them with my request and the rep found a pair of these CLs I wanted at one of the stores. It's so easy.

    Neiman Marcus Online

    Other stores have just called around for me when their specific store doesn't have it, but I'm sure they have a service that's similar.
  7. I think it is called Pigalle. It is about $550. Good luck finding it.
  8. JUST BE CAREFUL with EBAY!!! There are some sellers of Louboutins in Hong Kong that have waaaaaaayyyy too many pairs of these shoes for sale. HK is known for AAAA fakes, even with shoes. Try your best online, you might get lucky, but from one fashion-loving gal to another, please be careful where you get your shoes from. Good luck girl!! Those are some sexy heels!
  9. BTW, have seen photos of Ciara and Jessica Simpson with those on... they make legs look a mile long! Wish cheaper lines made them too!
  10. i'm a 36/6.

    yes it's the Pigalle pump :yes:

    they're the same as the ones i want :yes:, only these have a little leopard print on the front, and the ones i want are plain black

    thank you :love:! yes i know about the HK fakes, and that's why i'm trying not to buy from eBay :crybaby:
  11. Just thought of something-- those heels look very "Jessica Rabbit" from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. I say that in a good way-- I wish more designers made them.
  12. Hope you find them soon, they are amazing!
  13. :roflmfao: they do, don't they? :lol:
  14. i saw pigalles at the CL boutique in new york (the one on horatio downtown)!
    they were the regular leather though, and i think they were 4". the 5" might have been special order only on celeb basis.
    these are really sexy, but i know i could never walk in them!

    good luck finding them and keep us updated! i love to hear when people buy amazing shoes like these. :yes: