dying to get one of these... where??

  1. *sobs*....

    where I am doesn't have one of these.... anyone has one of these in real life ? could I trouble you to share pics?

    OR.. anyone knows where i can find one?

    Thank you!
    WashedLambskin spring 2006.jpg
  2. i saw the pink one at Neiman Marcus in short hills (NJ) the other day...it's really nice...$7500. i think they had a light blue one too.
  3. I also saw the ostrich one at Neiman's, the one in Plano, TX.
  4. ostrich would be out of my price range at the moment...

    but what do you girls think of the blue one? I found a chanel boutique that I have access to that has the blue on in 2 sizes...

    but everyone says washed lambskin is too delicate..

    i wonder if these are single or double flapped??
  5. they look single flap to me. . . the blue looks periwinkle almost{?}
    I probably won't ever buy a lambskin, I can't be bothered w/ babying a handbag w/ 3 kiddos! LOL!
  6. i saw them at Saks in Beverly Hills, CA.
  7. They had them at the SF boutique yesterday
  8. I saw the washed lambskin in blue, yellow and black in Fashion Island NM. Honestly I am not too into it. I think the blue looks cuter in that NM ad you posted. The yellow, with its texture, just look dirty to me.