dying to find my dream bag...

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  1. I am hoping a purse junkie like myself will be able to help me! I am searching for the Isabella Fiore Morning Dew Elaina in Black. I have tried everything-included writing articles to Shop etc magazine. I am really in need of this bag-Can anyone help. SHOCK THE>>>
  2. I tried to find it for you on ebay and I googled it, but came up with nothing :/. Its seems that this bag is very hard to find...
  3. i have the morin dew elaina with brown leather. it is one of 12 (i think :rolleyes: ) isabella's. i got mine at Nordstrom's. i also have not seen any other online (other than when i bought mine.) :shrugs:
  4. I tried searching for your dream bag...but only found it in brown.