Dying hair again?

  1. Hey
    I just dyed my hair yesterday with Boots own hair dye.
    But i want to dye it again because i'm not happy with the colour because i didnt leave it in long enough
    Will it be ok if i dye over it straight away?
    On the box it does say it is "Gentle and can be used over dyed hair as long as it is well kept".
    So do you think it will be ok to dye it so soon?
  2. I did a search online and it said as long as there is no bleach, you should be fine. You could go darker whenever you want, but wait to go lighter. Good luck, I hope it comes out the way you want it to. :smile:
  3. I think you should wait a couple of weeks.
  4. Like tigerdrag028 said before, I think you should be okay if you're going darker.. but wait to go lighter. Darker will just add colour while lighter is supposed to take some off so it'll damage it.
  5. going darker will be fine. I dyed my hair twice in the same day. But One advice, DONT EVER DYE YOUR HAIR BLACK.

    that is the best advice I can offer anyone dying thier hair!
  6. You can go darker or try to change the tonal value. But do not try and make it lighter as this will NOT work. If it's too dark, wash your hair with your laundry soap a time or two and this will strip some of the color out very quickly.

  7. if your talking about from bleaching it to black, then i know what u mean!