DYING for this brown coco cabas

  1. any chance to find it anywhere?
    it's not even on eBay :crybaby:


    and kind of help appreciated :yes:

  2. sea, keep your eyes open. eBay, is where I got mine. Paid an arm and a leg for it, but I love it. It's official color name is Dk. grey, it's more of a taupe color than brown, in my opinion. The black seems to be all over eBay right now, but I'm sure a this grey will come up soon.
  3. thanks BellaFiore :smile:

    may i know how much u get for yours?
  4. This is a KILLER color!LOVES!
  5. i think there is one on ebay one :yes:
  6. yes! i'm watching that, but i'm afraid it'll go out of my reach :p

    thanks cestbonvoyage
  7. yeah...since it is the only one available now! but good luck finding one:lol:
  8. yeah, and i also just contacted her about shipping price to my country, she said 100$!
    i know it'll be only around 50-60$, i've been shipped bag this big before... uuughh
    and 0 fb's who started as seller, not buyer always creep me out.
  9. I love that color brown. So pretty
  10. There is definitely a dark brown original Coco Cabas as well as the taupe brown Chanel called dark grey. Nordstrom Seattle ordered both colors and my s/a is keeping her eyes peeled for a return of the dark brown for me. It's a looong shot one will come back though...
  11. I would love one of these too.

  12. If you found one in brown I would be soooo jealous:drool:

    Good luck. I would love a black, white AND brown in a perfect world. LOL:roflmfao: