Dying for Pistachio

  1. All this talk and showing off of pistachio has gotten me depressed. I am dying for a pistachio Twiggy. :sad: Sorry just whining here. :biggrin: Turquoise needs to find Kimmie and Pistachio needs to find Giggles!!!
  2. Why didn't you get the one that was up for 2 weeks with a BIN?
  3. Missed it because I was oblivious. I wasn't really on here yet so I didn't hear about it from you gals. Somehow I just missed it. :sad:
  4. I don't think anyone here posted it either. I may be wrong.
  5. :wacko: giggles-girl, you CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY :wacko:
  6. Aww, why didn't you get it?!?!! It was your dream! Pistachio AND in the first size!!!!!
  7. After seeing nhelle get her's for 1000, I couldn't pay 1400. All of this crazy high bidding hadn't started yet. I was waiting for her to relist lower, but someone BIN at the end of the week.
  8. For some reason I just missed it. I would love a first but really want a Twiggy or City.
  9. Oh DON'T get me started on the Pistachio twiggy!
    Oh well, at least a great girl got it.
  10. ^ yeah, all is fair in love and war! ;) I'm sure she's loving it too. Don't worry, you'll find a pistachio winona.
  11. Hey giggles, do you ever get the feeling the only piscachio you'll ever get it at 31 flavors? Atleast thats how I feel about getting my 04' turquoise. Oh the waitng is killing me!
  12. LOL....reading the thread title made me want Ben and jerry pistachio ice cream!
  13. mmmm ice cream...
  14. I am with you Kimmie!!! And I don't even like Pistachio ice cream..... mmmmm ice cream. :yes:
  15. Lol I read your post after I posted.:yes: