dying for part time aquamarine ggh

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  1. Hi all,
    I've been calling to almost every Balenciaga store in US to find what i'm looking for but they all sold out and has only Aquamarine GSH!!! which I never seen one before so not sure how does it look like? Does it look as pretty as GGH? however, if not Aquamarine color so they have in Thyme GGH, Sky blue GGH as well so I need an opinion which color in GGH should I get? Thank you so much
  2. Since your choices are all of current season, maybe you could go to your local department store that carries Bbags and check them out IRL? I would think this is the best way to know which you like best!:yes:
  3. Hi chinkee21 and thank you for your opinion but unfortunately there is no Bal store in my state at all (Ohio) too bad huh? my first 2 Bals I had to buy online without seeing in person nor even try on
  4. I don't know where in Ohio you live, but Sak's in Cleveland, Ohio is carrying Balenciagas for the month of April ONLY. A poster told me to call Linni in handbags (216)292-5500 and she would be glad to help me with Balenciaga bags. Are you near Cleveland???
  5. Hi cute_gal, since I'm also desperately in search of an aquamarine GGH PT, I'm a bit confused here. I think this color is SS07, when the GSH didn't exist yet?
  6. gemi, you are right. ss07 didn't have gsh but only ggh. if you have your heart set on a pt, then keep looking for it. if you love the color combo, how about a brief? i saw an aqua ggh brief at the neiman marcus in las vegas yesterday.
  7. I feel you cute_gal, I'm dyin for an aquamarine GGH money wallet myself. argh! hope you find your bag!
  8. Hi - Do yoiu really mean Aquamarine or 08 Turquoise?
  9. I meant Aquamarine 07 but when I talked to an SA (not sure from BalNY or some other SA in other place as I said I was talking with a bunch of them that day) and he said he has Aquamarine GSH in city but i'm not into GSH at all or maybe I missunderstood? i'm not sure now lol
  10. I hope you fine what ur looking for soon Bakuhatsu :smile:
  11. Did you call Barneys? Kenny in Las Vegas Barneys is great! If they don't have it, he will really try to find it for you. He located an 07 bag for me . His cell # is 702-606-6770 Good Luck!!