Dying for Maxi

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  1. :drool:Has any one come across one ?? Thanks
  2. YUP..I am getting mine thru JILLIAN at Palm Beach Chanel Florida store..they JUST got them in!
  3. Chanel in Vegas has them also - fedex tried to deliver mine Friday but I wasn't home - so I am picking it up tomorrow, can't wait!!
  4. Is anyone getting the beige one or the fuschia one or has it yet?, love to know details and see more pics........:heart:H
  5. Hey sweetie, I would love a beige one. I dont want black, just beige!!!
  6. Me too!!!!:heart:H

  7. me 3!! i want any color but black
  8. Fuschia :love:
  9. I want one too! What are the colors? Is the maxi a size larger than the jumbo (like the vintage XL)?
  10. yes, very simular to the vintage flap , but with smaller cc's and the caviar is softer. Comes in a few colors, do a search there are great threads on them. I love the beige one!
  11. my black maxi is stuck in customs,so wont be long,the fuschia is coming end of feb to begining of march,what sa told me yesterday,im down for jumbo and maxi,but hope someone gets theres first so i can decide which size to get cant wait
  12. I just got the Black Maxi from NM Las Vegas but apparently they have no other colors at this time. Should be delivered tomorrow, can't wait to see it!!
  13. mine is coming tomorrow at last,cant wait,all the way from las vegas,thank you GOTBIGHAIR,such a star
  14. Saks in Bev Hills had a red (orange) lamb Maxi and the same color in a lamb med/large flap as of Sat. when I was there. They might have had other colors available in the Maxi - I didn't notice.
  15. can someone post of picture of their maxi??? I really want to see it!