Dying For Another Chanel

  1. Just wondering what you guys think is the fall/winter IT bag. I got my first chanel bag about 1 month ago and i defitanly need another one..thanks i know you guys will point be to a great fall bag...
  2. LOve the expandables and the sharpie collections!
  3. :confused1:Great fall / winter "it" bag...I don't know....but I got what in my opinion is the "it" holiday / evening bag...the black patent clutch...love it, so stunning.:love:
  4. oops!
  5. I saw your thread title and I immediately said ' don't we all?'. With Chanel I think there is no 'it' bag really.
  6. mmm, I'm a true fan of the classics so nothing "IT" sticks out to me.
  7. a hybrid jumbo with new chain! ;) as seen on courteney cox!
  8. Brown or red classic jumbo! I am totally dreaming of one myself, looks like THE perfect bag! I'm also really into the warm colors right now..