Dying for an summer LV bag... help!

  1. Let's just "pretend" I was willing to spend 1k on a summer LV bag. Not looking for anything LE per se, just something summery and beautiful for the coming months (and onward). What would you suggest?

    My collection is currently all monogram and damier, but I love vernis, epi, mini lin, etc, etc, etc, etc. Not wild about MC, though.

    Suggestions? :graucho:
  2. Maybe something Epi Ivoire for the summer???
  3. ITA!! As I myself is eyeing on an ivoire soufflot for a summer bag. My other suggestions would sth from the denim or the damier azur line..good luck:heart:
  4. Though now I just saw a Bedford in perle... How divine. T_T
  5. what about the mini lin speedy in dune?

  6. This sounds good. How about something in white mc?
  7. What about a Ivoire epi speedy.
  8. Re: speedies: I love them, but I already have a fairly new damier speedy 30. Prefer, at this point, to add some diversity to my small collection.

    Maybe a soufflot in white... I wonder if vernis is too fussy for summertime...
  9. Oh for summer I would definitely go for a Damier Azur Saleya!! So pretty and springy.
  10. 1K for summer... Hmm lets see.

    [​IMG]+ [​IMG]+ azur cles.

    [​IMG](pink) +[​IMG]+ azur cles

    Or a azur speedy[​IMG] +azur cles +[​IMG]

  11. How about the beautiful Ivorie Alma!!!

  12. I am a big vernis fan...so I would have to say the reade in pearle with the matching cles!! I have it in the pink and love it.
  13. oooh epi ivorie sounds great for summer. i think it can be used for dressed up and dressed down occasions.
  14. OOOOOOOOOO!!! get the framboise READE!!!!
  15. Something in Azur or Epi Ivoire... :yes:
    Alma Front 1 s.JPG Azur.jpg