Dying for an Anthracite / Ink City

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  1. I can't find these anywhere... :crybaby:

    I've tried eBay, but no luck. I thought it would be easier looking for the '07 Anthracite instead of the '06 Ink, but they're both so hard to find!!!!

    Has anyone ran into one online or on eBay (you can pm me the link)? Out of desperation, I've even checked Holt's here in Canada (after markup & tax, it's about $1700).
  2. Nordstroms Arden Fair has an anthracite Part Time with Giant Hardware...thats the only Anthracite I've seen in a long time.
  3. aloha rag MAY still have anthracite twiggys
  4. Aloha Rag has Anthracite First - for sure. I'm ready to pull the trigger on one.
  5. There is an Anthracite Part Time at Aloha Rag... last time I checked, I think there were City bags there too.
  6. If you like the giant hardware, there were still a few Anthra cities floating around about a month ago. Shirise had one, Barneys Dallas had one, and a couple of other places did too. I wanted regular hardware, so I can't remember the details of what's where, but if you just work down the list of reputable stores, I think you could get a GH one.

    Some stores may call it galet (Saks and Nordstrom's, I believe.)
  7. I emailed AlohaRag and they don't have any in stock. They also won't be getting anymore.

    I prefer the regular hardware though.

    So far, Diabro.net still has the giant city style if anything
  8. Have you called Saks, New Orleans. I'm not sure if they still have that avail. Good luck!
  9. I'm at work so long-distance calls are forbidden... but I did beg my boyfriend to call for me. I had to tell him how much the bag was, which he wasn't very happy about..

    I hope they still have the bag though!
  10. Saks in Boca Raton Florida has a Anthracite City GGH
  11. I just got one!! Virtual Shopper tipped me about the LAST one in Saks. It'll take about a week to do the paperwork. I hope to have it before my trip.

    OMG, I'm so excited!!! :yahoo:
  12. Congratulations! That's so sweet your BF called the bag for you. Don't forget to post pictures when you get it
  13. Congratulations! That's so sweet your BF called for the bag. Don't forget to post pictures when you get it
  14. Congratulations!! WOO HOO! You must show us pics!!!
  15. hello... i'm still kind of new to bbags as i just purchased my first LV a couple weeks ago... but i LOVE the city in ink! i also love the look of the giant hardware... i was wondering, does the ink giant city even exist?? i tried a forum search on it without much luck...TIA!