Dying for a Olympe!

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  1. Are they completely sold out? Anyone know how I can get hold of a stratus or Cirrus?
  2. I don't think they are sold out at all i think there are a few around.
  3. where are you located? I know there are still some in the UK x And i think there is still one at the Birmingham UK boutique xx
  4. call your nearest LV store and ask if they can find one in another store...
  5. I don't think they are sold out. In fact my local boutique had one of them displayed.
  6. Not sold out.....the Stratus GM is available all over the place...as well as the Nimbus.

    I haven't seen any Cirrus' around...or any Stratus PMs.

    I also thought I heard that stores are still receiving shipments of them!

    I'm dying for one too....trying to convince hubby I need one on top of the Stephen I just bought.
  7. Call around because at the main boutique at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa there were a few on display as well as in the storefront in Bloomingdale's!
  8. u should look at the Nimbus style too..Thats my fave one...
  9. I'm on the WL for the Cirrus at my store Tammy, I'm most likely going to pass (too many other things I want at the moment), do you want me to keep it on hold for you, if I do? PM me.
  10. ^^ Noo Sophie i want that one to be mine :devil:

    Good luck ! Hope you get one Tammy :smile:
  11. stanford, palo alto store had everything on Friday, except the Cirrus. in both colors too.
  12. A Stratus GM is at the
    store. :smile:
  13. The LV Store located in Richmond,VA had all of them on display a couple days ago.
  14. I just sent the Cirrus back , actually I refused to sign the package, so at least there's one (in Ecru) available for you.

    ** Basically new, since I havn't lay my hand on the bag yet.

    BTW, the LV store is in Troy, MI.
  15. there's definitely an ecru nimbus at the hollywood & highland store in Los Angeles.