DYING for a miu miu coffer suede/leather whatever can anyone help me find one on ebay

  1. Hi experts :smile: I really love this bag but i cannot afford it for the life of me so im hoping to try and get some good deal off eBay but i NEVER buy from eBay cause im SO scared of fakes, SOOO i wanted to ask you wonderful people if you know of any for sure 1000% authetic sellers, or if maybe you could seach MiuMiu Coffer on eBay and tell me if ANY of them look authentic? a bunch come up but i have nO IDEA so i dont want to post in AUTHENTICATE THIS BAG cause i would have to post 40 times

    so please pleas if anyone can find it in their hearts to help me that would be AMAZING!!!! i really love these bags but as a full time college student with a nanny job its so not in my budget even a good deal on a real one wil be hard to achieve but i WILL Do it :smile: PLEASE HELP!!!!

    THANKS SOSOSOOSSOSO MUCH! you guys are amazing:heart: :yahoo::heart::heart:
  2. btw want black or brown not white ill get it dirty! thanks!!!! :smile:
  3. ^^ The suede Coffer is 1295.00 on NAP ( in stock on the US site) so why is that this ebay seller is asking 1699.99 :confused1: :wtf: . Getting back to the subject..... at the moment, the Coffer is a very popular bag and it's highly unlikely, that you will find a real deal for much under the retail price. All those 'bargains' on ebay are fakes and worst of all some fakes go for the price of authentics :cursing: . Buying on Ebay, you can never be sure what is that you will receive (unless it comes from a recommended seller), the photos could be of an authentic, but the actual bag that you receive might be a fake. Unfortunately, the only way to be sure (that it's a real deal), is to purchase the bag from a reputable seller like NAP. Other than that it's always a gamble :shrugs: . I believe, that once the hype is over, these bags are bound to pop-up on sales, just need to wait and see. This might be the only solution for people like you and me, who love the Coffer but can't justify the $$$ :crybaby:
  4. Yup, I agree! You could be lucky and find a black one, but no guarantee that it's real! Regarding the suede ones - no way.. There are almost none on eBay, so I'm ordering one from NAP!
  5. SiljeEmilienne and Pixiestar thanks SOOO MUCH for posting!

    you are right now is NOT the time to be looking for this bag at a good price unless i want a fake one which I NEVER WOULD WANT!!!!

    soo alas i will have to wait it out as i never could spend a grand on a bag
    :sad: boo

    ill have to love it from afar until people want to sell them on sale hehe thanks a lot for posting back!!