Dying for a MAM in dark gray!!!

  1. I can't find this bag anywhere! Should I just give up? :sad:
  2. Stunning bag! Hope you get it Tarte!!
  3. it's a beautiful bag, I was able to get one at the sample sale =)
  4. Me too, but I got it through the email Sample Sale & it is too big for my liking, so it is on eBay. I think the mini MAB is better for me.
  5. I'm confused by your post....MAM = Morning After MINI (which is what tarteheart is looking for)

    You state you got one through the sample sale, but it's too BIG????

    MAB stands for Morning After Bag which is larger than the MAM.

  6. Ohh sorry, I think I may have my initials mixed up. After the L.A. Sample Sale, I ordered the Morning after Bag in Dark Grey. I love it, but it is big for me...I'm 5'2 and 119. I then received a Morning After Bag, Mini from Searle and am loving the size of the mini. Sorry for the confusion.:upsidedown:
  7. LOL! Ok!

    The leather on your dark grey looks delish!
  8. Funkylala IS DEF. out of stock!! I tried to buy one and couldn't.. I don't understand why they don't just take it off their website! I had to go through a shop in NY that some wonderful tpfer told me about. It's called "Shop". But yes, daniela127 is also right there is one on ebay right now!! Go for it!!
  9. Ack!! The ebay one, I want!! I'm just so afraid of ebay, is there any chance is isn't authentic? Or am I just being paranoid?
  10. I dont think there are fake RM...well yet anyways...if anyone knows feel free to differ..
  11. Didn't haute okole say above that the one on ebay is hers from the SS? Maybe that helps. And there are definitely no fake RMs (yet - and hopefully never! *fingers crossed*) - so you don't have to worry about that!
  12. Yeah she's definitely not main stream enough yet to be faked. You can get really good deals on her on ebay because of that faked since not a ton of people sell her stuff yet. So take advantage of it while it lasts!