Dying for a Gold Pap...

  1. If you guys see one...

    My name is Emily... I'm not if you can put something on hold for someone else. Or if you see a resale that's not too ridiculous... PM me, I'm on here like 24/7.

  2. Ah, I just remembered, there's supposed to be a Lockit coming out, too... which one do I like more, hmm...
  3. Emily, have you tried calling 866 number? I don't think they have any at my boutique since it's so small but I can ask them for you.
  4. I've tried twice and both times gotten rather rude people who nearly snort and say, "Those are soldout worlwide." :crybaby:
  5. Hm, just tried 866 again. Got a nice person this time - but she still said definitely not... they've been sold out since December. So... looks like the only way I'll find one is if someone sees one in a boutique and lets me know! Or I can bargain with a reseller. :p $2k is a little excessive...
  6. BTW - can you guys tell I'm like the most impatient girl in the world? :smile:
  7. Got one.

  8. :drinkup: OMG, did you won the auction:nuts: !? Congrats!!!:yahoo: please model for us when you get it!!!!
  9. I will if my BF doesn't kill me... and, if he does.. well. Maybe he can model it and post pics.
  10. oh, BF posting for Miroir pap, hum.....yummy, doulbe the eye candy! lol;) he can't get mad at you for getting this darling, the smile on your face will definitely melt him down....i've try that, so far so good, hehe:devil:
  11. I want you to post a pic of you modelling all the bags you bought in the month of Feb. You won't have enough apendages to do it! LOL!:p
  12. Congrats. Glad that you found one. :yahoo:
  13. Wow, that was fast! Congrats !