Dying for a Birkin -- SORRY LOOOONG post.....

  1. Hi ladies. I'm new to Hermes and havent own any H products yet. Since joining tPF I've grown attracted to the Birkin. Now I just feel like I can't live without one.

    Here is my situation: I've worked very hard in the last few years and saved up some money, so I can afford a Birkin, either at the store price or the highly-inflated eBay price. But now I'm a stay at home mom to my twin baby boys, I thought I should save my money for their college fund, especially now that I'm staying at home most of the time, I really don't need such a nice bag.

    But who am I kidding, I can't get pass one day without looking at the Birkin pics thread. So hypothetically if I were to get one, do you ladies think I should try my luck to get on a waitlist at a H store or just get it off eBay? My dream bag is the 35cm BJ Togo which is selling for about $13k on eBay and I guess the retail at H store is about $8k? Or you actually think I should just scratch this whole I-need-a-Birkin idea?

    Also, should I start my H purchase with something small first, like you ladies have suggested in other threads? Am I jumping the gun here?

    Sorry for these ignorant questions. To me Hermes is something very out of my league so I'm very nervous...

    Any comment/opinion is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. If you live near a store, try to form a relationship with an SA and this does not necessarily mean having to purchase a lot. After a couple of visits when you are comfortable with the SA, tell them what you would like and ask what is the best way the SA can help you get it.

    With twin baby boys, your hands and pocketbooks are full and I would suggest this route first before you go the reseller way.

    Good luck.
  3. happy4ever, would it be possible for you to visit an Hermes boutique?? There's nothing like establishing a relationship with a special Sales Associate ( SA) with whom you work to discover and select the things Hermes you wish to have in your life.....

    And, a big welcome to you, too:idea:
  4. happy4ever--Good luck. :smile:
    The only Hermes item I have is a bottle of
    Amazone. Which I purchased from
    an online designer perfume outlet.

    You deserve a Birkin, so keep on saving.

    I love the pictures thread too.
  5. happy4ever: Welcome, the ladies here are very helpful and nice. I personally feel Birkins should be bought at the H store. Nothing beats that orange box feeling and also the fact the mark ups on them are soo high from the Resellers and Ebays.

    Your wish birkin BJ35 is a very *hot* item, which may take a while to get, so I would advise to start a personal relationship with your SA. Start with something small like twillys or something.

    Unless you want a "Want-it-now" - then reseller is the way to go.
    Goodluck in your search!
  6. I refuse to purchase from resellers! (Now having said that I find myself...cruising ebay...) It is crazy to pay 2-4k more for a bag. I just will try to be patient. Visit a boutique. Talk with an associate...and eventually your time will come. Good luck.
  7. thanks everyone! the ladies here are not just helpful and nice.. they are hilarious!!! i was reading the good news and bad news thread by pazt and was ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!

    what you guys said sounds very reasonable and i'll do as told. patience. patience. and patience. right?

    thx!!! :heart:
  8. Hi. I understand your feelings as I am a mom too and just because of that: Go for the Birkin. But PLS!!! don't buy one at ebay. Imagine this great feeling in the luxury Hermes store and then the unknown something with ebay not even thinking of what would happen if it was a fake one. I think it doesn't really matter if you have to wait for a while (for me it didn't matter anyway). Maybe you'd like to watch my small video on google, where I tried to catch the moment I got my JPGBirkin last year.
    Maybe you'd like to read my prev. post in another thread too:

    Good luck!
  9. ^ I agree with golden's mom. With the money
    you save from not going through the reseller route,
    you can treat yourself to some other items.

    Although, there was a reseller on ebay, I can't
    remember her name--but she was selling all of
    the gifts her wealthy ex-bf bought for her, because
    she had to take care of her handicapped daughter.

    She was selling the Birkin she had for around two
    thousand dollars. Now, those are the kind of resellers,
    I'd purchase from,--she wasn't trying to make
    a profit and her goal was to make money for
    her daughters care. I wish I knew who bought
    it and how much it eventually went for.
  10. I was in a similar situation like you a few months ago. For me a birkin had always been a faraway dream but suddenly I was in a position to actually get one and I panicked, lol. I wen't back and forth for a while, I even made a thread about it, and in the end I felt I just wasn't ready.

    I don't live near a Hermes store so building a relationship with an SA is out of the question but I travel quite a bit and I decided that on my next trips I would spend some time trying to really get to know Hermes. I had a few scarfs, bracelets and a massai then but I couldn't tell one leather from another or have any idea about the difference a leather makes for a colortone. Since then I've bought a few different bags, both from Hermes stores and from resellers, and I'm having so much fun discovering all the different styles and leathers.

    I still don't own a birkin but it is getting higher on the list and I know that when I do get it, it will be in the perfect leather/color/hardware combination for me. So my advice is just take your time and have fun with it :yes:
  11. i dont think hermes is out of league for anyone. you appreciate beauty and quality....i think, that is a good trait. im a SAHM too....life is too short not too enjoy life. i am a very bad worrier...'always think of the future.' but we never know whats in it....and we might even regret of the things we sacrificed for others. long way to go and save for our kids...but we dont have to deprive ourselve.

    i also think, its good for our children to grow up with quality things for them to learn that if they want to have that....they should learn to strive or aim for a good life. its our job to guide them to have a better future.

    i would definitely not to a re-seller. but its good to buy from someone that kelly_birkin describes. this forum is very helpful and informative. i went to hermes store yesterday and followed all the suggestions i read here. dont ask for birkin or kelly....tingle with anything in the store and waited for the SA to approach us, buy something small and developed a relationship with a SA (she will even ask if u want to be put in the list). leaving the H store with an orange bag is a nice experience.

    also, its good to take the dh with you....to 'break-in' him with the idea of hermes, you might even get his support.

    good luck!:smile:
  12. bagdizzy--Thanks for the shout-out. :smile:
    That lady just seemed so honest about her
    life on ebay, that I never forgot that.

    Regarding leathers--Luxwear used to have
    a full page description of all the Hermes
    leathers, but, only one is still listed.

    and I agree, life is too short,
    you might as well enjoy it. :smile:
  13. Hello everyone! Thanks for your comments. I'll definitely NOT go to a reseller. And I'm lucky that my DH is supportive 100%. And I totally agree that life is too short to deprive ourselves of anything that we enjoy. So my next step is to get to a H store. I'll keep you all posted of my journey.... very nervous.. yet excited.. :choochoo:
  14. "I've waited forty years for my Birkin, and I've visited the store religiously three times a week and all the Birkins I ever saw were reserved for other people and the waitlists were always closed.... Give me my Birkin NOW!"

  15. Ha! Merika, her armpit hair is plaited!!!!!!