Dyes? Touching up the corners?

  1. I once heard that Hermes refurbishing craftsmen (Claude, for one) have a few but not ALL dyes available to them to touch up the corners of your Birkin. Does anyone know which colors they have or don't have?
    I know my Potiron Birkin will need touching up in 1-2 years or so - even though I'm very careful with it, the bottom corners still show some wear...
  2. Great question...I was wondering that about my Jaune, too..such a seldom seen color.
  3. Great question GT! I wondered the same thing because I know with use, my JPG BJ Birkin's corners will show some wear eventually.
  4. Greentea...hermesgroupie or Baggaholic would be the ones to ask. They might know it offhand or they can ask on their next trip in to Hermes. They visit quite often.
  5. Greentea, kellybag is correct.... I suspect hermesgroupie and baggaholic (accompanied by the indefatigable shopmom) actually live at Hermes. They would knowabout the touch-ups. I'm surprised, actually, that the darn bags don't come with a little bottle of "touch up" paint the way cars used to (like in the olden days, when I was a young girl!)
  6. Now that would be a great ;)
  7. hehe! I wish!
  8. the olden days - Lolo - you are SO funny!!!

    we used to tell my Mum she was born in the Olden Days...the poor thing is only just 56 now!!!!! REAL old.......!!

    We NEED a member here to work at Hermes - wonder if we can get one of the staff to join up???????
  9. ^^ I agree!! I wish we have 24-7 live chat with Hermes!!
  10. I do not! But I do live in the neighborhood. Will find out tomorrow.
  11. ^ Thank you!
  12. I know that this is politically incorrect to say...but...my shoemaker is a whiz at matching colors. I have had him repair non-Hermes bags and he has spot dyed them for me. I have never had to do this with Hermes, but I might talk to him about it. In the meantime, I never put my bag on the ground anywhere! Always on a seat. To be honest, I have never really understood how some bags get so banged and scuffed. What are people doing to them? The only time he has had to do this for me is when there was an intrinsic design flaw with the bag and there was wear around the closing lock and the leather lost color. I have never had to do corners.
  13. ^^ Well, I think when you use your bag every day, wear and tear is unavoidable. My black Birkin is definitely showing the effects of being used for work and taken on trains and planes, etc. I don't "do" anything to it except use it -- but I can't (unfortunately) put it in a bubble. Also, because I only have one Birkin (:crybaby: ), I have to use the same one everyday -- putting additional W&T on the bag. Now, my GP will take some of the load off Birky!
  14. My Birkin always goes on a clean table/surface or the passenger seat of my car. Never the floor. And it still is starting to show a little corner wear. My SA said that this is normal for a Birkin because the corners droop down a little passed the metal feet. Luckily, you can't see anyting unless you REALLY look and turn the bag over.
  15. "Quote" Claude = We do not have all the colors in stock, when they are not available we will have them sent from France, that usually takes 3-4 weeks to arrive.