Dyeing your bag - Have you done it? Opinions?

  1. I am thinking of dyeing my black lambskin Chanel bag with beige handles to totally black, since the beige part has gotten stains and darkened over time. I also believe it would look more stunning in all black. If I were to get it done, it would be done with Lovin My Bags Leather Care for Handbags

    Just wondering if anyone here has any suggestions, opinions, or feedback about dyeing leather bags before I take the plunge. I don't want to do something I would regret on my bag, yet I do prefer the all-black look.

    Below are photos of my bag. I've also added pictures of the all-black one for comparison.

    Does anyone know about the dyeing process? Does the entire bag have to go through it? I can probably handle the beige parts of the leather being compromised in texture since those parts are minimal.

    Any comment will be appreciated.
    96_1_b.JPG Chanel beige.JPG IMG_1437.jpg IMG_1433.jpg IMG_1448.jpg
  2. Here are pictures of the black

    Please push me in one direction so that I won't have a dilemma anymore! ;)
    Chanel Vintage bag.jpg CH000042_006M.jpg
  3. I do like it much better in all black. Does Chanel provide a dye service? I would be a bit uncomfortable taking a chanel bag to a third party for that kind of service.
  4. Yep, they do indeed. But for some reason I'm trusting lovinmybags more than them.

    Probably because of the high level of dissatisfaction when girls get it done with Chanel.

    Lovinmybags has only had rave reviews so far so I'm crossing my fingers.

  5. Best of luck, I do think it looks great in all black:heart:
  6. Thanks! I'll be posting the results :smile:
  7. It'll look good , I'd still be afraid to do it though . Good luck !
  8. That is the infamous Ashley Olsen bag! I love it and agree it would be stunning in all black.
  9. I am another vote for all black -- very nice! Please let us see the results.
  10. The only thing I ever hear is that the bag never feels the same again, like the lambskin isn't as buttery after the fact.
  11. ^ yea. i had one of my lambskin bag redyed and it's now no longer as smooth and buttery soft as it was in the original condition
  12. The all black looks fab, hope it works out for you.
  13. hope it works..
    i like the beige contrast though
  14. I like it all black. Looks more sophisticated.
  15. I also love it in black! I think the concern is that if you dye it black there is a possibility that it may rub off on your hands if you use it as a handbag. I also don't know if it could rub off on your clothes.

    I'm getting an accordian Chanel bag dyed from charcoal gray to black right now. I don't care if it rubs off on my clothes because I only wear black. I sent it to this person in Beverly Hills who apparently does all the Chanel stores in California and dyes Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik shoes as well.

    Let us know the Lovin My Bags works out!