Dyeing Red Vernis Agenda


LoVe & Mulberry
Apr 2, 2012
UK, Europe
I have bright red Vernis agenda PM I would love to dye.
I am not so keen on the current bright red colour it has and also it has some dark marks mainly on back.
I looked into older posts also watched You tube videos.
I can not work out what colour apart from black to go for?
I definitely don’t want to go for black, I was thinking maybe dark red.
would Fiebings Oxblood work?
Or even blue?
what result it would be with blue?
Or even green?
I am so Not good with mixing colours.
I know I can not make it lighter but I am hoping for some other colour than current red or black.
thank you




Dec 11, 2018
Hey there. Just wondering if you made a start? I can't remember who online but she nailed it with two Fiebing's colours to create the LV Amarante colour. One was Ox Blood. I think the other was Red? The lady in the blog described it well.