Dyeing Prada Handle Constrast Stitch

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  1. Hi all! I know some people are into contrast stitching but I personally prefer the look of an all black bag. I purchased this bag thinking it would be an easy fix but now I'm seeing that I most likely will not be able to use RitDye for synthetics because 1) there is no black dye and it doesn't really seem to have great reviews and 2) i would have to use a blow dryer or iron on the leather handles to set the dye which makes me nervous...has anyone dyed contrast stitching in another way? I'm going to assume the thread is made of nylon or polyester because most thread is made of these manmade fibres...should I just try to get the stitching replaced all together? Is that even a thing? I'm new to this, help!!!!! Thanks so much

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  2. Why don't you just return it and wait for the one you really want?

    PS: If you plan to keep this, post and authentication request with proper photos. This one needs a closer look.
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