Dyeing or restoring a Chloe Maggie Handbag??

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I am hoping someone can help me with this....

    I want to get my beautiful chloe maggie handbag dyed from cream to black. Reason is, the cream is stained a little...nothing too bad...just some blue staining at the back of the bag, but it still bothers me.

    Also, the handle is quite dirty from use!

    This bag was really expensive at the time, and I really want to restore her to her original glory or else dye her so that she can get a second lease of life!

    My questions are:-

    1. Is it possible to restore this handbag to cream...get rid of stains and dirt from handle? I'd describe it as being in B- condition, if that helps!

    2. If it's not possible to restore it, I know I can dye it...but I know most of the do-it-yourself dyes available are like paints (tarrago dye etc.) as I have used them to dye shoes before....and while they are fine, I don't want a 'painted' look on the bag.
    Is it possible to dye it, as in, dip it into a basin of dye, like you would for clothes or material, and have it dyed that way? I guess I would have to strip the existing colour first though, right? Anyone know how to do this?

    3. Failing the 2 above.....does anyone know of any place in the UK...professional service that will restore bags back to their orginal glory?

    4. OR.....does anyone know of any place in the UK...professional service that will dye the bag for me??

    I'd be so grateful for any info you helpful ladies could give me....

    Thank u
  2. Blondie_Lady - where are you located?
  3. Thanks Jackie1.
    Lescoy I am in Dublin, Ireland but I will post the bag to a good company if that's possible. Can't find anywhere here that will do it.
  4. Blondie_Lady - ah thats fine. I'd suggest that you contact the Furniture Clinic - the link which was posted above. They are in UK - but I wasn't sure where you were - as if in US - then I'd have suggested somewhere else.

    This Company - several girls have used them - and have been pleased with them. I'd give them a call and ask their advice.

    I saw a white paddy which had a pen mark on the bottom - and they got rid of that - and the bag looked like new - so they are good - and I'm sure will advise you on what they'd consider the best option.

  5. Can you please recommend one in the states?