Dyeing my Black First Back to BLACK! AMAZING RESULTS.

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  1. BeBear ... why don't you try Terrago's Shoe Shine (Polish)? I tried it and wrote about it in the other thread... The result is great! Check it out. http://forum.purseblog.com/balenciaga-care-and-maintenance/attention-those-you-not-so-black-black-balenciaga-368346.html
  2. Yeah I think I will try the Terrago's because I just got a reply from Apple saying they no longer make the creme polish. =( It'd be a perfect choice because we like their conditioner so much already.
  3. Hey girl. She still looks absolutely stunning. I don't see that this bag will change over time. It seems like it'll always be this nice?

    If you can live without the jet black, then do some Nivea moisturizer which I really love. It has more moisture than Lubriderm and is thicker so you can really see the difference.

    I think dyeing your bag is a last option, of course since it does mess with the resale value. BUT! I knew I'd keep her forever since black is such a staple I went ahead with the dye anyways.

  4. Can you do this to a new bag? I just bought an '08 black part-time and it's not quite as black as I want. Or should I wait until I have used and broken it in a bit and just try conditioner for now?
  5. i have to say your bag looks great!

    i have a 2007 black city and i got it brand new. sadly, after a few uses the sides of the bag have turned into that pukey greenish/blueish color.... i still use it because i love it but the color fading is starting to bug me a lot!

    i think i want to try your suggestion with the dye and see how it turns out... also, can you tell me where i can buy the AG thingy you mentioned?

    thanks in advance!
  6. My apologies for the delayed reply. (I hate that!)

    But you can get the AG stuff at www.leatherstuff.com. Sign up for their list and they frequently have discount coupons about 20% off of their goodies!
  7. Mos def do the conditioner for now. Sorry for the late reply!! By now you've probably already decided what you're gonna do to your bag huh? I've probably missed that also in a thread somewhere...what did you decide?
  8. I dyed my ink first to black using the Tarrago dye about a month ago. At first it was great, but in the last two weeks some of the dye has been peeling off! Has anyone else had this problem? I can also see that on the sides where the bag slouches naturally that some of the original color is starting to peek through. Any suggestions anyone? I'm currently thinking of just buying another bottle of dye and giving it another go...
  9. is there a HOW TO DYE YOUR BAG thread somewhere?!

    a fellow TPFer suggested i dye my bag... and this post is so encouraging!

    but do you dunk the bag in a bucket of dye?

    or do you paint the dye on with a brush or a rag?

    help please!

  10. Hi!

    You can search for another thread I started where I think I've posted some instructions. No, you don't dunk you bag in a bottle of dye, rather you paint it on. =D
  11. REREsaurus
    Thank you for this tread. You made me do it! My city looks beautiful and BLACK, but still a little too shiny even after tons of lotion. Hope it will go away after some wear.
  12. #117 Jun 10, 2010
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2010
    Hi RERE!
    I just got this beat-up Pale Rose 06 City that's turned more dirty grey-yellow than pink. I'm considering using Tarragon for a self-dye job. If it works for this one, I'm going to resuscitate a few other bags in my wardrobe! :biggrin:

    Couple of questions:
    1. What is the difference between penetrating dye and self-shine dye? I've read the DIY-dye threads that typing "dye" into the search bar in tpf throws up, but I can't really tell whats the difference. Have you tried both types? Which is better?

    2. The original color of my bag is a very light, pretty shade of pink, although that must have been many moons ago. The interior pocket has a strip of leather that is the original pink, and the leather flap thingy that has the BALENCIAGA PARIS metal plate is also the same pink! I was wondering if you dyed those too (because it seems awfully tedious, being on the interior - you'd have to worry abt the dye getting on the fabric etc)?
    I need some advice on what color I should dye it to. I'm considering #16 Midnight or #17 Navy. I LOVE how Anthracite and this season's Outremer looks, and am partial to dark blue bags lol. Although I realised that if I completely deviated from the original color like you did, I'll end up with leather on the interior that completely does not match! So then I thought, maybe I should stick with something pinkish. Perhaps #24 Rose, or #25 Fuchsia :greengrin: Maybe even #23 Purple! But nobody's done those colors before (from what I read), so I'm kinda apprehensive about trying. But what the hey, if I hate the color I'll just strip it, get a new bottle of dye, and do it again! lol.

    That turned out to be a pretty length question :smile:

    Anyone else who has dyed their bags please help me out!! Especially if you dyed yours a color that is not black. TIA! :smile:
  13. Oh! And I've got this Loewe Amazona (white that turned bleargh) in perforated leather and I'm just wondering how the dye will hold up, because the leather on the surface has that whole holey effect going on and when I tried cleaning her with AG cleaner some of the surface came off, leaving that grey stuff underneath.

    Maybe I might take this to another forum, but I need dye-ing advice for this too! I hope nobody minds... :smile:
  14. So beautiful!! great job :tup:
  15. So beautiful!!! Great job :tup: