Dyeing my Black First Back to BLACK! AMAZING RESULTS.

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  1. rere your project is amazing and has inspired me to do a little experimenting of my own :graucho: I am planning on buying a white dirty old first and dying it black. If I have any questions, can I ask you? I have read this whole post but want to make sure I'm doing everything right!
  2. purple, of course! I'm on this forum daily so gimme a hollar!

    Be sure to have a little angled brush to dye around the studs and in difficult places. The sponge they give you is NOT sufficient for the tiny crevices. I used an old (but clean) eye make up brush. Oh and be sure to really put the Preparer serum on and clean the entire bag up before applying dye. Don't be shy with it.

    GL! :heart: (BTW, did you read my other thread "Dyeing my 05 BG Day"? That one has step by step....)
  3. Thanks, sweetie.
    Ps did you ever put a picture up of your Nivea lotion that you use :P do you use that for all your bbags for a little added moisture or just your dyed ones?
  4. ^^ I totally forgot. Will do that soon!

    I use it on all my bags. I'm a big believer of moisturizing (if it needs it) since nothing is worse than dry/cracked leather. It breaks easily!

    So far, no issues. I love the Nivea stuff.
  5. Yes my turq. first and new work need a little bit of moisture but I don't want to "ruin" them by putting on the wrong kind of lotion!
  6. ^^ I had a 08 turq too... its unfortunate how dry they are. ]=

    I tried Nivea on mine but it didn't work. Nothing did so I sold it for verrry cheap.

    Great color, bad leather.

    How dry is yours? Mine was very very dry, I couldn't even believe it!
  7. She's actually not that dry, but rather stiff. Maybe I'm just not used to how small the first style is so it can't slouch. Do you know where I could how find how moisturize your bbag? I saw the sticky above but I'm looking for like step by step instructions on how to lotion it up. Aren't you supposed to like roll it up or something? Thanks for all your help!!
  8. ^^ Sorry, couldn't post last night.

    Umm.. the way you lotion it up just how you think you would. I don't roll anything up. Especially for the First, you just lay it flat on the ground (on a dustbag) and swuirt the lotion into your hands and begin rubbing! Just apply a thin layer to your bag, and rub it in like you would do on your leg or something.

    Not too much, but make sure the leather feels it. LOL.
  9. REREsaurus...
    I dyed my 06 Cornflower Blue Work to a Midnight Blue I did took some pictures but the file was too big (I'm working on it). Last night I had done the 1st coating but I don't know if I did it right. I think my coating was too thick using the whole bottle. It turned out to be that the color didn't spread out evenly is it because with the brush turned out darker color while the sponge had lighter color? Help.. thanks...
  10. Hmmm... the first layer never turns out even, don't worry about it. The color will start to even out after the second/third coat. I don't think you should have used the entire bottle for your Work, the dye quantity is pretty plentiful to go around more than one coat.

    Does it feel quite sticky and thick?

    What you're supposed to do is use the brush and wipe some dye onto the sponge applicator. Not apply with the brush.

    Can you post pics? It's not sounding too promising here since if the dye is applied too thick, it will peel off.

  11. Rere,

    love what you did with your bag.

    there is a patch on my 08 black city that has turned grey...and it's an eyesore. do you think this terrago dye could fix this one little patch of grey?
    the entire bag is very jet black...but unfortunately, an eyesore developed on the back of the bag. i wouldn't have to dye the entire bag, would i?
  12. Hey..and thank you!

    I don't know about dying just a patch of an already jet black bag, black again. Since the dye that Bal uses is vegetable dye (this is why they can't get it that black), and Tarrago dye is NOT veggie dye, I think that the difference would be obvious if you tried to just dye one spot.

    I kinda think you'd have to do the whole bag since it changes the color and it changes the texture a tiny bit too...

    Do you have pics?
  13. Rere,

    No, I don't have pictures
    Its not that obvious, but under careful inspection, then you see it. It's on the back of the bag. OH well. I'm pretty dissappointed in the quality of Balenciaga. I got my bag back in March 2008, and the original black city ended up going back to Balenciaga, and them giving me a new one. There was a defect with the sealant where the buckles were. Now, this is my second one with the fading. :sad:

    Thanks for your honest opinion about it. I don't know if I want to dye the whole bag for that little patch....
  14. I gotta say that bag looks FAB! Is it still as good now as it was a month ago? I got a new 08 city and it's just not as black as I'd like. The leather isn't smooth and silky but thick and I think with some more moisturizer she'll do fine. I don't want to give her up because I think she's got potential, smooth or not! I'm seriously thinking of dying her tho because I REALLY want a jet black City. I would be scared to dye a Bba a completely different color but I'm not too worried about a darker black.
  15. I am looking around for a dye and saw that Apple also has their own creme polishes. Since we are so confident of their conditioner and cleaner, I'm thinking their polishes would "dye and condition" at the same time. Has anyone seen Apple creme polishes around? None of the websites carry them.