Dyeing my Black First Back to BLACK! AMAZING RESULTS.

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  1. oopsie i meant #26 for dark burgandy
    or i may just dye it original off white color
    i don't know yet : ))
  2. Hi Rere..
    I have a project to do yay.. I got this Cornflower Blue Work from Real Deal Collection (Thanks Corey!). I don't know what dark color I should dye it for? I'm thinking either Midnight Blue or Navy because the handles are pretty dark. Also how many bottles do I need? Thank you

    attached pictures from RDC:
  3. jav, you got a helluva deal there. I would say three bottles would do it for a Work. Actually, you might be okay with two bottles (I don't know since I've never done a Work but my Day took two bottles) but I would get three just in case. They're only $10 each anyways. :tup:

    A Midnight or Navy sounds delish!!
  4. ^
    Yes I did.. thank you RERE..
  5. i am so glad i found this post. I thought i was the only one stuck with a green (black) city!! and I was just about to sell it on ebay soon because it had been sitting in my closet for so long. thank you so much for sharing your experience!!!! u saved my bbag - can't wait to start on my new dye project! :tup:
  6. Oh another project! Good luck and keep us posted.

    What year is your City btw? How is the leather on it?
  7. RERE thank you so much for the mail adress. I mailed them and they sent a very fast response with the mail adress to a danish distributor. I contacted the distributor og learned that two shoe repair shops in Copenhagen was selling the dye. So tuesday I started the whole dyeing process and today I gave my baby the final layer (4 th.) and the bag is so pretty. I actually sold my "real" black city today... I am going to make my "own" thread very soon and post pictures.
    RERE I want to thank you SO much. Without you I don't think I would have done this... You're awesome as always....
  8. Aww, Radissen you're too kind. I'm happy to help especially since I'm totally thrilled with the results, yanno??

    Glad you could find a distributor near you, those dyes seem like they're hard to come by if you're out of the US.

    I'll post in *your* thread once you start it up!
  9. Rere, sorry, I never acknowledged your response ... bad form.

    I was thinking of doing this on my black brief which is fading to green in some areas. Alas Bal has decided to take the bag back (via AR) so it looks like I'm either going to get a refund or a replacement.

    I have another black bag which has faded in some parts due to use, might be brave enough to do this eventually but for now I'll just keep using the bag. I'm a bit nervous about undertaking such a project and I'm worried about ruining the bag or the feel of the leather. You did an awesome job and it's so good to hear that the bag is holding up so well!
  10. hi RERE, it's a f/w 2006. the leather is soft and smooshy, very nice handfeel but the color had faded to a dark greenish shade. some areas still looked black (one of the handles, shoulder straps, the mirror) but majority of the body had faded- the leather looked really dry/thirsty. I tried apple conditioner which helped the overall texture but didn't improve the color much.

    I just finished applying my first coat! I'm going to wait until tomorrow to see if I need another coat and finish it off with apple conditioner. can't wait to see the final results. :smile:
  11. No worries on the very long, very overdue reply. LOL jk.

    I'm glad it worked out, a new bag is better than a faded and dyed bag. Hope it stands the test of time for ya.

    I would say:don't be nervous. Black to Black is probably the easiest to do since the colors are the same and even if you miss a small nook or cranny - you won't be able to notice depending on how "green/gray" your bag truly is.
  12. That's great to hear! Post pics of your progress please.:tup:
  13. hey everyone i have a S/S black city and like most of you it is that horrible green shade, this depressed me for ages! im in the uk but managed to order the dye, just got it yesterday, i am frightened.lol bt also excited as your bag looks great. only thing is i cannot get the apple conditioner, so not sure what to do:shrugs:
  14. oh and mine was 2007 also
  15. You could probably use another type of conditioner like Nivea? I use Nivea all the time with no problems.

    Have you got any pics of your before bag? When you gonna get started??:sweatdrop: