Dyeing my Black First Back to BLACK! AMAZING RESULTS.

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  1. RERE how many bottles do you think i need for a weekender?
    I want to dye my weekender fuchsia or a dark burgandy?
  2. I would say two is enough for a WE. You might want to grab three just in case (this is what I would do).

  3. Ok! thanks
    another question rere..
    the bag i bought i think was dyed before already
    and is flaky. should i rub off the original first then dye it?
    cus im afraid im gonna make it even worse?
    does the dye automatically make the bag glossy?
  4. wow that dye sounds great :smile:
  5. #65 Sep 13, 2008
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2008
    Actually I was going to ask for your help deciding the color.
    I would like a color that is the closest to the original. What would you recommend?
    (I attached some pictures of my worn out bag)....


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  6. radissen, let's take a look! Here is one color chart from Tarrago (but where is that other one?):

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  7. Here is the better color chart for reference, what do ya think?? :confused1:

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  8. Based on this color chart, what do you think is the best? I would probably go for either of these three:

    1. #20 Azucar Marron
    2. #4 Gamo/Beige - this one looks a little bit flat though
    3. #39 Marron Medio - if you want to go for a darker color

    I would probably go with a shade darker since it looks like your 05 Caramel's handles have a bit of warming on them. If you want to go the shade closest, then #20 looks pretty close?

    What are you leaning towards? HTH.
  9. Hey, did you decide on a color yet? :graucho:

    I'm not sure if you should rub off the flakyness since it might ruin the bag. But if you can rub it off without damaging the leather, then do it. My flakyness was not able to be simply rubbed off. If yours is then, yes, go for it. Otherwise, maybe its better to leave it alone?

    The dye does make the bag a little glossy. It looks like the same Balenciaga shine that we love - so no worries there. My bag also seems to have kept the gloss after usage too.
  10. You want to do this to my calcaire first? Haha... I wouldn't have the guts to do it, but it looks awesome!!!
  11. OH so rere yours was flaky? no i can't rub it off i was just wondering..
    someone told me to go to a leather cleaner first and see if its fixable..
    i might do that first than decide to dye it myself.
    if yours was flaky and turned shiny after dying.. then that's great!
    i don't live in the states so i can't order on amazon but i did found some on ebay

    im thinking between #25 fuchsia or #25 dark burgandy (is that dark purple?)
  12. RERE you're amazing as always. I think you're right it would be better to go with a darker color to cover the warmed handles. Now I just need to find a place that will ship to Denmark.
  13. Can you find any on ebay? There is also their own web site at www.tarrago.com, not sure if they do international shipping though?

    If you can't find anything/anywhere - let me know. We can try to work something out. [ ;
  14. If you read my other thread that is titled something like "Restoring my 05 BG Day" I've posted step by step instructions on there to help ya out. The kit from tarrago already comes with a "Preparer Serum" that will clean the bag. So I don't think you should use the other cleaner first for fear of some complications, etc.

    Those are your color choices? Aren't those numbers the same? =P
  15. You are so great. Thank you so much. I've just emailed them so now I am looking foward to their response.