Dyeing my Black First Back to BLACK! AMAZING RESULTS.

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  1. :tup:WTG! I'm so glad it turned out so fabulous! I'm going to order it tonight, try it on a MJ Frankie. I do have 2 Dolma Day bags, one mint and one loved that I could try it on, but I like the broken in slightly faded one better than the mint.
    The thing is, Balenciaga dyes have always had issues. Fading, yellowing, blacks turning green, so since you said the leather is great, as good as it was, why not dye them. Honestly it's not like Balenciaga dyes are that stable. This sheds a whole new light on those faded, stained bags that pop up on the Bay for great prices.
    Congratulations! You did a great job and I would never send anything to LMB for a *spa* treatment. Form what I have seen lately on here, spa treatment= ruined bbag:graucho:
  2. ^^ Couldn't have said it better myself. If Bal doesn't make a Jet Black, why not make my own? At least they got the fab leather right (somewhat).

    How did it go powder?
  3. Goodness, I'm sorry and concerned to hear this is how the LMB Spa treatments can wear. The consignor of that bag described the following to me, "I currently have an f/w 2007 black Balenciaga First, that just recently got back from the "lovinmybags bag spa". It's shocking they apply any product that coats the leather with a film that flakes off over time and alters the color too. I'm so glad you fixed it, your bag looks amazing now!
  4. Hi Corey! I hope your bday was a blast. [ ; :heart:

    You know... I've never had a bag sent to LMB for a Spa treatment either and was also very shocked that it started peeling and flaking. Since I've never sent a bag in for the Spa treatment, I have nothing to compare this Black First with.

    But after seeing what happened, I know I'll never send a bag in again. Not even to find out if it will start flaking.

    I hope my post wasn't misconstrued for me blaming this flaky business on you or your web site! At first glance, it was VERY difficult to tell that the waxy film would have started peeling. And since you (personally) don't use the bags, I know that you would not have known that it would do this after some gentle use. I so don't blame this on you! :flowers:

    Anyhow, thanks for the comment. I reallly REALLLLY love this bag.
  5. Delayed response: thank you hgnolte and mona13! :yahoo:
  6. OH WOW, it is amazing that your First still look smooshy after dye-ing!!! CONGRATS!!!
  7. #52 Sep 8, 2008
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2008
    I had the most amazing b-day, thank you :flowers: I can tell this is going to be a really good year!

    It's really inspiring to see the transformation you gave this bag. I'm so happy you love it! I'm going to do a little project of my own after seeing all the DIY going on 'round here.

    Thank you for clarifying. Hopefully we'll never see another peeling bag again and at least now know there's more than just scrapping and scrubbing to fix it. Did you find that the Pre-Dye stuff lifted the product film?
  8. The Preparer serum is thin clear liquid that looks sort of like...rubbing alcohol (but it isn't, it just has the consistency of rubbing alcohol). You apply it with a sponge and it actually doesn't look like it does much. It turns the bag one shade lighter since it dries it out, but it didn't look like it took off ALL the flaky stuff but it did remove some.

    So after this, things were looking grim. I kept thinking that the bag STILL looked like crap after the Preparer so it can't look that much better once dyed.

    But, the Preparer did a lot more than meets the eye? I'm not quite sure how to explain it. I don't think it could "lift" the film completely, but I'm sure it took off a nice portion (maybe at thin layer) of it.

    The first coat after the Preparer already made the bag look so much better!

    What bag are you thinking of revamping if I may ask? :nuts:
  9. RERE your bag looks aabsolutely amazing. Fantastic job. Today I bought a really worn out 05 city that I am considering revamping like yours. One question though, I assume you dyed one side at the time so what did you do when you should dye the other side (put it on a towel or let it dry for hours before dyeing the other side)? - I hope you get my question...
  10. have you worn any light colours against your new dyed bag yet?
    has it rubbed onto your clothing at all?
  11. First off: go for it!

    Secondly, I didn't dye it one side at a time. I did one COAT at a time since the dye actually feels dry really fast (within minutes). So, I did one side, waited around 10 minutes and flipped the baby over to do the other side.

    You might want to wait until you flip it, but if you're anything like me (impatient and very impatient), you'll want to dye it all straight away.

    If you want to wait for it to dry - you really needn't wait long. It only takes a minute to dry.

    So I say flip that baby over after waving the bag in the air for a few minutes and dye the other side! :graucho:

    HTH. :heart:
  12. I've worn every color imaginable with this bag. NO rubbing NO transfer NO color changes or anything of the sort.

    All in all: could NOT be happier with this bag. :yes:

  13. Great :tup: Thanks a lot, just the advices I needed. I am going to dye a caramel city either black or brown so how many kits du you think I need (I live in Denmark and therefore I have to buy it online and I really don't want to end up in a situation where I need more dye so rather to much than to little)?
  14. Tarrago dye
  15. I would say TWO bottles/kits for a City just to be sure.:smile:

    Be careful though, since dyeing a totally different color (ie from caramel to black) is a little tougher than just doing Black to Black. For instance, you'd have to do the underside of the buckles and those are a bit tougher to make sure the color is even around that area.

    But! I would love to see how Caramel to Brown would turn out.

    Have you decided on a Brown yet?