Dyeing my Black First Back to BLACK! AMAZING RESULTS.

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  1. :wtf:WOW, great job. It looks so jet black and really gorgeous!! I'm going to try this on my white MJ Frankie. It's about 7 years old, got yellowed by some Coach leather crap I used. I got the waxy yellow off but now it has a couple of ink stains so what the heck. I don't have any Balenciaga's to try it on and I am dying to try it.
  2. Good job!:tup: You seem to get the hang of it and enjoying the dyeing project.;)

    Can I check that the Nivea moisturiser is that same kind that we used on our body?
  3. awesome! well done, rere!
  4. Fantastic! Your bag looks amazing. I have a bag that would possibly be a candidate ...

    Two questions: is it leather dye you used or ordinary dye? And how does the leather feel? Does it still feel like Bal leather?

    Please send an update some time to see how it all holds up. Hope this dye doesn't fade!
  5. Hi sparkle, the Nivea that I use and swear by is the same one we use for our body. They have several different types and I use the regular one. I think its called "Enriched Moisture" or something. It isn't the "for sensitive skin" type nor the type that comes in the jar. It comes in a regular lotion squeeze bottle.

    I'll take a pic of it and post it here so no one gets confused and uses the wrong one since I've never used the other ones before. BRB w that. :yes:
  6. You mean you don't have any non-jet-black Balenciaga's, right?! Cause I was pretty sure you have a lovely collection of all other colors....right?! :sweatdrop:

    I say you try it. Mine is holding up verrrry well. I'm surprised at how much I :heart: it.

    I was expecting it to turn out "okay," not faaabulous! :rolleyes:
  7. Thank you, glossie! :heart:

    drati, what bag are you thinking of dyeing?

    If you read the entire first post (I know that it is very long though - and I apologize), I used TARRAGO Leather Dye #18 (Black) for the job. It is leather dye...not sure if it is just regular dye too, but this dye looks like it was special for leathers. Shoes and stuff.

    Right after the process of dyeing - the leather felt a tiny bit sticky. Almost like it wasn't completely dry. (You have to wait at least 20 hours between the coats. I did two coats). But as you start to use it, it becomes like normal but better again. And I noticed that with each use, the bag begun to feel better and better.

    Also (and I was afraid to do this at first), I moisturized with AG conditioner about what like...3 days after or 4 days after the completed process. First a thin coat to test it out. And BAMM! It was all smooth and smooshy again. So I put a better coat on. And I'd really hate to say this, but the shape that MY bag was in (since it was all flaky?!) was pretty unfavorable. So after the dye job it was 100x better.

    I think that if you're bag has nice leather, it is just faded, that after the process and using some conditioner - it would be back to normal. I actually think this process would work well with bags that weren't as bad as mine. Meaning a normal/nice feeling bag that has the color that is just faded. My bag looked like dandruff in some areas.

    My bag is holding up just fine now. Better than fine. The dye stays, there is no peeling or any ugly marks of any sort.:amuse:

    Maybe you should try dyeing a tassel first to see if you like the outcome?

    HTH. :smile:
  8. Any updates with this one, shoe???
  9. I cannot believe how incredible that bag looks! I never dreamed a *dyed* bag could look so great! And especially if it feels good too...GREAT JOB!!!
  10. Wow! Looks amazing... you did a fabulous job dying your bag.
    She is so nice and jet black!!
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    Well done darling, I think yours was like this
    *cut 'cause of wrong pic*
    (Pic from RDC)
    You did a great job!!! Sometimes black must be done, because it gives a lot of life and brightness to the color!!!
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    ^^ Vida, that pic isn't mine. Mine is from http://shop.realdealcollection.com/product.sc;jsessionid=1CD5293804809320323618B253DBBEA5.qscstrfrnt04?categoryId=16&productId=360. Your pic posted is the one is from the 06 Black First even though it is mislabeled 07.

    After a week of using it, my bag started to flake and peel. It was really disgusting. Whatever LMB had "coated" it with was nasty. Never will I send a bag to them for this so-called spa treatment.

    So while the bag still looks okay on RDC's site, it did NOT look that nice after normal usage. It turned light black/green/gray very quickly, too quickly.

    Boo! But it all ended happily. =D
  13. I got wrong, I found a pic of a greenish/black first...I'm sorry for you, but I'm happy you gave her a new life!!!
  14. Yes, yes! I did it this past week! But I haven't been able to post it yet. I was in Mexico visiting my niece. I'll try to post tomorrow!!!
  15. Update: Used her all this week, and she is getting softer and softer.