Dyeing my Black First Back to BLACK! AMAZING RESULTS.

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  1. Firstly, if your Work is new, you might want to reconsider. My bag was nowhere near new, as it was flaking.... ewe. So really I had little choice. Maybe you could wait for the Work to wear in before you opt for the transformation.

    If you decide to dye it, the dye gets all over the place like the HW, zipper, studs and bales, but it just scrapes off with your finger nail. Don't use anything abrasive cause it'll scratch the HW.

    I really like it: I'm totally impressed. It is holding up very well too. I dyed everything, tassels and handles and whipstitching too. Love how dark it is. :heart:
  2. Thank you, I think so too.

    Now I do, that is. :wlae:
  3. Ah, I guess I'll hold off. Do you have any experience with LMB or appleguard? A conditioner might darken it a little, right?
  4. AG does darken it a little bit at first, but the bag usually comes back to normal self after it dries. If anything, the veins that were "whiter" will be more blended in with the bag.

    I've used LMB moisturizer too, and Nivea lotion. My personal favorite is one good coat of Nivea lotion, it makes the bag look more saturated and takes away the unsightly veins. Not the distressing mind you, but some bags have veins that are lighter in color than the rest of the bag. The moisturizer in my experience, has helped with that. And it does wonders for bringing out the color. You might want to moisturize something small like the mirror before you do your whole bag. I know a lot of gals like their bags au natural - but I don't. IMO - leather looks/feels/wears best when it is moisturized. It's like skin. :yes:

    Oh, and LMB's moisturizers are okay. I like them because they don't feel like they do that much to your bag. But the smell can be overwhelming.

    My personal favorite is Nivea and AG. AG seems to not only give it a conditioning, but also seems to give it a protected layer too. It's hard to explain.

    But yeah, before you dye your bag, maybe you can try some Nivea? I really love the stuff. :idea:
  5. SO AMAZING, RERE!! You did a fabulous job. The black is superbly black and and saturated, a total winner! :tup:
  6. wow thank you for the infor! :smile: i've been using my 07 black city nonstop and it's starting to get this greenish/gray hue as well!! i thought i was just seeing things since it still looks black indoor but greenish under the sun, was yours like that too? maybe i ought to try the dye too, since AG doesn't realy work for me :sad:
  7. ^^ Mine was greenish under the sun and indoors. I tried conditioning first... all sorts, but it didn't work. If you're okay with the LEATHER type of your black City, and you know you're not gonna sell it later - I say go for it.

    I'm really happy with how mine looks and feels a few weeks later after use.
  8. Thanks amie!

    You know, it was tough work, cause you need to get into all the corners and crannys. I'm not gonna lie and say it was a breeze, but it wasn't difficult.

    Well worth it IMHO. :heart:
  9. Yumm--mmy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. RERE-I already placed my order! I can't wait!
  11. shoelover - you won't be disappointed. After a few uses, the bag gets better as in softer and more pliable. Don't fret too if the bag feels a tiny bit sticky at first. A coat of AG will do her right up.

    Yay! It's project time.
  12. WOW! It looks awesome, RERE! Holy cow...just like a brand new bag! OK, here's what I need you to do for my Black City:P....just kidding! Excellent job, you should be so proud of yourself!!:woohoo::tup:
  13. ^^ Thanks louis, I am SO totally proud. But my neck hurt for a couple days afterwards since I had to strain myself to rub every little bit of the painted HW off.

    Well worth the trouble.

    Mind posting pics of your Black City up? We can do an assessment?
  14. Oh that's one good job right there.

    Now, I still am a lookout for a black balenciaga... i guess go i can for those with not so black a color because of this...

    I can actually have you do it ? How much will you charge???:P:P
  15. Hey Rere! Another great job done! She's very beautious! I cant wait to find another bbag in need! I enjoyed dying mine so much and I got so much gratification from it! Anyway, your "new" bag is amazing!:yes: