Dyeing my Black First Back to BLACK! AMAZING RESULTS.

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  1. #1 Aug 7, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2008
    Hey gals, thought I'd start a new thread so that the photos on this amazing dye job were easy to access.

    As many of you know, I followed dstar's lead and dyed my 05 Bubblegum Day a totally different color. I opted to dye it beige. Probably not a great idea for my first dye job since I failed consider the consequences of not dying the stupid pink zipper lining. There were a couple of options posted by you lovely gals on the other thread, but I have yet to look into those suggestions though I do appreciate them. I'm too lazy, and too obsessed with my "new Black First" to care. So sue me! :P

    So okay, for those of you who are upset about your so-called "black" Balenciaga anything. Don't be. Tarrago Black dye #18 has got your back!

    Dyeing a black bag back to black (whoa, say that four times fast) is MUCH easier and MUCH more gratifying than selling your semi-black bag on ebay for little money.

    I purchased this 07 Black First from RDC, and when it was delivered: it looked "nice." In the description, it said that it had been "treated" with the LMB treatment - I still have no idea what that means. Anywho, the bag came with a thin layer of waxy stuff that covered the bag from tassel tip to tassel tip. And when I wore the bag to break it in...the damn stuff started flaking off like dandruff! Damn it.

    So, my options were to sell it or to keep (and hate) it. And if I sold it, I wouldn't get nearly enough back from it since I try to keep it honest on ebay - even though I hate the site.

    Then, it came to me like a Holy Grail into my closet. Why not dye it? It would be easier than changing the color completely, and it would only cost around $10 and it'd save me tons of money too, since I wouldn't lose money selling the bag on ebay. I need a black bag (I hear its a staple) - so this would be it. I would keep it, and love it.

    Sorry for the tale, I digress... :shame:

    Before the dye job, it was that gross greenish/grayish/brackish color that some blacks just are. Not that there's anything wrong with that - if that's what you want. But me no likey! The leather itself was always thick and chewy, this I could see. It was just the greenish color that turned me off to it completely. :cursing:

    ONTO the PICS! I don't have any before pics...once I got the dye, I couldn't wait another second to fix her. Here she is with only two coats since that is all she needed.

    TA - DA! JET BLACK! And feels SO GOOD too. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

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  2. [​IMG]

    ^^ holy crap girl, that's awesome!!!

    p.s. and my i just say, she's BACK IN BLACK :rochard:
  3. Thank you bama!~ You're actually who I had in mind when I started this new thread. I realized that I was being lazy on the photos.

    Thanks for the enlarging too.
  4. Add another "Holy Crap!!!" from me! What an AMAZING JOB!!! I can't believe how pretty she looks!!! Ok, Ok, I HAVE TO do this to my city!!! Where do I buy tarrago black #18??????????????????????????
  5. Looks great!!! Do you have a "before" photo? I'd love to see the change!
  6. I keep looking at your pictures!!! Your first looks soooooooo good!!! I have a 07 city and I love her, but I do kinda hate the greenish/grayish!!! I was hoping I could buy this at a place like home depot or something because I want to do it right away. I actually just told my husband a few minutes ago that I'd be dying a balenciaga bag tomorrow... I'm soooo excited!!
    Thanks for sharing with us!!!!!!
  7. I don't. I wish I did...I really couldn't wait to dye her. Sorry beaux! Image her like a light black almost green. Imagine her: kind of gross.
  8. WOW RERE, great job!! It's absolutely gorgeous!! Super black and love the look of the leather itself- beautifully wrinkly and still looks soft and supple. awesome! Would you say it feels the same as before? Or has it softened even more?
  9. I totally know the feeling. When I first started, I went all about town trying to see if JoAnn's or Michael's had the dye. But they don't carry leather dyes. :Push:

    I've read that you should try your local shoe/leather repair shops. Some cobblers might have this dye handy. It's pretty popular.

    Also, patience! Remember to wait for the first coat to dry completely before starting another or you might be disappointed cause it can feel sticky if you put the other coat on too quickly.

    Good luck! Post results please! :yes:
  10. Thank you sunny! Actually, after the dye "sets" for 24 to 48 hours, the bag does feel sticky. What I found was that a coat of AG conditioner softened her right up back to normal (maybe even better than before?). But I wouldn't use AG until at least a week after the dye job is done. Mine feels totally normal now, better than before.

    I also used her straight for two weeks too, so she is MUCH better than before in each and every way. I couldn't be more pleased with the results. :tender:
  11. Hmmmm... let me see if I can dig up an old tassel for ya'll see the color contrast.
  12. this bag is really nice
  13. It looks so good! I'm tempted to do this to my black work, but I'd feel so guilty considering it's nearly brand new. :shrugs:
  14. Oh, yeah - did you have to dye carefully around the hardware or does it rub off the hardware? Does it seem like the leather absorbed it or like the dye simply coated the leather?