Dyeing my balenciaga city: white to black

  1. Hi Ladies,
    I followed dstar/RERE/Cleo to dye my city. When I purchased the bag, it was still perfect with slight oxidizing. I took care of it but there was a stain so I used Mr. Clean magic eraser on it (it was raved about for LV vachetta, but DO NOT EVER USE IT ON BALENCIAGA!) :cursing:. Anyway, after I used the magic eraser, the leather began to oxidize so quickly and picked up dirt more quickly.

    Picture 1:
    Before. The actual color of the bag is darker than the first picture and lighter than the second picture. I took both pics today. The handles were darkened. I used tarrago dye number 18: black

    Picture 2:
    I wiped the bag with the preparing solution using a scotch brite pad followed by a cotton round. I started to use the brush on the edges/stitching and used the brush to apply the dye to the sponge that came with the kit. I then used the sponge on the bag.
    Dyeing1.JPG Dyeing2.JPG
  2. What a brave soul :wtf:... I'm interested to see how this turns out!
  3. I started with the front side, taking care to lift the parts that can be lifted to "paint" the hard to reach parts.

    The color after 1 coat ended up like a plomb color. It photographed shinier than it is.
  4. Closeup of the front. I dyed the zipper part with the same dye.

    I'm excited! I can't wait to see the results. The dye doesn't really smell at all. The bbag leather just absorbs the dye.:wlae:

    I'd been thinking about dying my bag ever since I read that thread about dyeing (the one where people warned about the leather texture changing)...but dstar said hers still feels smooshy and I hope mine stays smooshy too.
    Dyeing4.JPG Dyeing5.JPG
  5. Oh wow!! Can't wait to see the end results!!
  6. Thanks, Izznit, Handbagaddict!! I am having trouble waiting. There is definitely a lot of waiting involved, because I have to do 1 side first, wait for it to dry, to the other side. Then after a few hours till they dry, I do the second coat.

    I'm saving the handles for last because I found a nice wall light the bag can hang from to dry. The dye actually sets in just a few minutes (won't come off) but it it doesn't dry enough (still feels sticky) for a few hours.
  7. Ohhh, it's looking great already!!! Can't wait for the end results!
  8. Thanks, Showlover! Here are some pictures...the back and sides are dyed now but not the handles yet. =D

    When the dye is first applied, it is black, then turns silvery and shiny, then dries to be black and only slightly shiny. It looks great!
    Dyeing6.JPG Dyeing7.JPG Dyeing8.JPG Dyeing9.JPG Dyeing10.JPG
  9. Awesome! I LOVE how we can see the complete transformation since your bag was originally WHITE!

    Keep it comin!
  10. Thanks, RERE!! I can't wait to see your completed one too, with the new colored zippers!
  11. HELP! My bag still feels tacky/wet this morning. Is it supposed to be like this? I tried conditioning it and it lifted off the dye. The instructions said 5 hours and it's dry. I just looked at the website and now it seems to say 24-48 hours to dry. Is that right? Thanks.
  12. I'm no expert but I would wait until its completely dry before you contemplate doing anything else with it.. but so far everything looks good. You're very brave for trying :tup:
  13. Does the color go away if you pass a dry wipe on it? If it's so, then wait...maybe your leather don't absorb it easily, or maybe it was too much for her...just wait, results will come!!!
  14. Swissaus, I am going to wait till tomorrow and see if it's completely dry. Right now it's dry as in it doesn't rub off. But it still feels damp, as in if I smoosh my bag, I can hear the sticky sound.

    Vida, if I wipe with a dry cloth, the color doesn't come off. But I had tried to moisturize with meltonian leather lotion, and the area's color came right off.

    The bag looks great! though it does feel tacky right now....I really hope it goes away like RERE and dstar's bags. I remember they said their bags are smooshy and nice.
  15. Yes, wait till tomorrow, it's better!!!
    But it already looks amazing!!!