Dyeing my bag...

  1. OK, OK, I'm pretty sure I'll go to hell for wanting to do this. I have a calcaire hobo which is really, really grubby. I can't stand how it looks and don't want to deal with the upkeep. Should I have her dyed? I know it will affect the leather but at least it will be used. Am I committing the ultimate Balenciaga Sin???? Or should I flog her on Ebay, cut my losses and buy one in Blue-Grey:love:
  2. Put her on ebay, buy a blue-grey in fall!! The leather wouldn't feel the same after you re-dye it...
  3. I agree.
  4. Cal - did you take it to a cleaner's for professional leather cleaning?

    I would try this first.

    Then, if it still was not to your liking I would sell it on Ebay; at least you could state that it had been cleaned at that point.
  5. I guess I really don't like the colour and the potential "freaking out" with dirt. Has anyone dyed theirs?
  6. I never dyed leather but you could ask some bag specialist if this process will harm the leather and then decide it from there. But dying can be pretty agressive. May be ebay or marketplace 2.0 will be an option and than buying a darker bag. I would love a calclaire but as you I'm scared of light colours and the handles turning dirty.
  7. Cal - Is it clean enough that someone will buy it for at least what you paid for it? If so, Ebay it!! Tell the buyer that professional cleaning is an option. Perhaps, you could get an estimate from a leather cleaner's this would make the Ebayers aware of what they would have to invest to get the bag in better condition?
  8. I'm not sure if someone will buy it for what I paid. But then again, if a doggy chewed bag can sell for $200+ maybe I'll give it a go.
  9. Sod it, it's gone to Ebay. Buh-Bye........hopefully.
  10. Loganz have you got your bbags professionally cleaned? were you happy with the results? just wondering for future reference
  11. I bought an eggplant city that had been professionaly cleaned. The cleaning worked; the handles, and corners of the bag were immaculate after the cleaning. The cleaning was done in NYC by the previous owner. The bag has a quite a bit of history. It was found by mlertpac, bought by a gal who is not a member here; bought by me, then sold to a member here (Amour through ebay).

    When she gets the bag I am sure she will post pics. The important thing about pro-cleaning is that the bag must be conditioned with a conditioner that restores oils after it has been cleaned. The leather gets dry, like any skin would, it needs to have the oils put back into it, and probably this "oiling" process would need to continue for the life of the bag to protect and preserve it.
  12. Good to know, thanks!
  13. Remember the "poodle" day bag. I believe it is a PFrs. It was died black, and is now on e-bay. You should take a look.
  14. it seems like dyeing the bag would ruin the texture of the bag. at least that is how it seems in that poodle day bag auction!
  15. put the bag on ebay and buy what you like. i had a white twiggy which improfessionally cleaned for alot of$$$, i hated it. ;( so i sold it and bought a new white work. i wish i sold it before i cleaned it bc i was out the cleaning money. i sold it to a friend who would have bought it prior to cleaning for the same price! she was thrilled to get an affordable real bal bag.