Dyeing Louboutins

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  1. Wondering about the possibility of dyeing a pair of nude Paquitas (to black or, if it's easier, to a darker pink - I just am not a fan of the nude as it looks in photos - too pink to be nude, not pink enough to be fuchsia). Possible, yea or nay?

    Any comments on the look of the nude Paquitas irl welcome (are they a true nude? it's possible my colour is off on my computer).

  2. You should check with sumnboutme. She got her nude Paquitas dyed black.

  3. actually, they were hot pink and now they're black...:biggrin:

    just take them to your cobbler...the dyed part on the insole is rubbing off though but i'm the only one who can see it :P
  4. sumn, have you noticed any black dye rub off on your feet?
  5. Oh good, looks like it's doable. Now I just need to find a cobbler in Montreal who'll do it properly. Am interested, too, if anyone who's dyed Louboutins has had issues with the dye coming off on feet.

    Thanks for replies!!
  6. #7 Jan 28, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2010
    a little bit, but i think that's because the part where my heel rests is actually dyed too....let me take pic...brb...

    here...you can kinda see where they dye has rubbed off...it makes me the bottom of my heels looks dirty for a bit when i wear it :shame:
  7. Thanks sumn! That seems fairly standard, I suppose (but certainly not intolerable)!