Dyeing Leather Rebecca Minkoff Purse

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  1. Hi there everyone!

    I want to share with you all my process of dyeing my Rebecca Minkoff Mac bag. So, I bought this bag secondhand for 20$ and it was a medium beige color. It was a pretty ugly color and it had a few spots on it so I figured I'd dye it black. SO, I bought Fiebings Black Leather Self-Shine dye and dyed it.

    The process:
    I first prepped the area I was going to dye it on- my patio table which I covered in newspaper. Then, I got latex gloves, a new dish sponge, and a cup of water.

    I zipped the purse shut, detached the leather strings on the zippers, and detached the strap. I used the leather preparer that the kit came with and I dipped the sponge in water and then poured some of the preparer on the sponge and slowly prepped the bag until all the leather turned a few shades darker indicating all the leather was covered in the prepping solution.

    I then used a wooden painting sponge tool and dipped it in the dye and started dyeing the bag. A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY!! I only ended up using about 1/2 of the bottle and that was plenty to do the whole bag. I made sure to get all cracks, zippers, and the leather strings that were on the zippers. Something important to note during this process is that you can get the dye on the metal hardwear but you'll have the scrape it off the bag once the bag is dry and that will take about 30-45 minutes. I would just suggest to try and not get it on the hardwear to save yourself time but it will not damage the bag if you do.

    When the first coat was done I let the bag dry for about 2 hours and then did a second coat. You don't want to exceed more than 3 coats or else it will crack and ruin the bag.
    Once the second coat was done I started to do the interior leather. You don't have to do this part but I wanted to so it would match the entire bag. Also something to note is if you decide to dye the zippers like I did, make sure to oil/ use wd40 on the zippers as once you dye the zipper it makes it harder to zip shut and you don't want to break the zipper.

    After everything was dry I got an old t-shirt and rubbed the bag to get off any excess dye so it wouldn't rub off on my clothes. The bag turned out beautifully and the shine was perfect! The dye has never rubbed off on any of my clothes and I've had it dyed now for about 8/9 months and used it handfuls of times and the bag is still in emaculate condition.

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  2. Wow awesome! It looks beautiful! I love to see rehabbed bags - nice job!
  3. Thank you I appreciate it!! (:
  4. What a great job you did!! it looks so stylish and brand new now :smile:
  5. and you have a great patience!
  6. Great job!

    I'm about the dye a Jimmy Choo bag and I picked up all the supplies but I'm still a little nervous. I read if you cover the hardware with painters tape it help. Wish me luck!
  7. It looks beautiful! I have an old MAC too, wondering if I should dye it. How did you protect the lining when dying the interior leather?
  8. Good luck! show us the before and after :smile:
  9. I just was very careful and dabbed the dye using the sponge. It took awhile to do the interior but I didn't do anything to protect it, I just made sure not to touch any of the lining. Good luck if you do decide to dye yours, you won't regret it!!
  10. Whoa! This is awesome! Good job! 👍
  11. That turned out beautiful! I have an almond MAC that I love, but I hate how it picks up the color from my jeans as it rubs on them. I even pre-treated it with the apple leather guard spray. I was playing with the idea of dying it darker, maybe to a chocolate color but wasn't sure if that would be possible. Anyway, yours turned out awesome. :tup:
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  12. I love these kinds of posts! Thanks for sharing your experience!
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