Dyeing BV?

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  1. Found above in the thread you have nominated Camel, Carmino and Ebano! Now I think it’s possible with all of them. Camel color contains a white color, like a Krim (sorry I don’t know how to explain it in english) so you can cover eventual light scuffs with a right mix of white + beige. Carmino is a pure red (without white undertone), so probably you have to wash it first and then refurbish with red solo. Ebano is the simplest color to renew.

    Forgive me if I give unsolicited advices - I really like to fix and restore leather goods, so I have some experience and a lot of excitement about it:giggle:
  2. Nothing to forgive, I appreciate the feedback! I don’t think I’d be able to do it on the camel, I’d be too scared of messing up...

    When I have time to just sit and devote to a project, I’ll try the ebano. Right now my teething 14month old is my full time cleaning project
  3. I've read that baby wipes are a bad idea...
  4. I had wine-coloured dye transfer onto my Balenciaga Sahara Twiggy, a beautiful yellow-sand colour. Used Neo Cleaner and it took off the transferred dye. Not once, but twice, since I stupidly forgot and wore the same top again. :facepalm: You do have to be careful not to rub too hard or it will remove some of the original colour but it did a good job on my bag.
  5. I tried in a small area and there’s still some blue, but I honestly didn’t work the area too much. I was too scared to put too much pressure. For now, it’s up on the shelf until I’m brave enough, and have enough time to devote, to taking the time to clean and condition my bags. Sticking to dark colors for now
  6. Thanks!
  7. This is a absolutely stunning!

  8. Thanks, SS. I'm learning from this thread, that's for sure. I have nothing to offer that hasn't been suggested. :flowers:
  9. Thank you @indiaink ! I saw your thread about Mini Cabat, it’s a light years ahead from my modest work:nuts: I have a couple of bags that I would like to rehab similarly but I cannot find in Europe the thing that you used for edge paint. All “edge paint” here is a sort of liquid acrylic color, but it doesn’t have a rubber substance that can fill the cracks on the handles. Your was different, right? I saw that the handles became like new.
  10. Thank you, @sonyamorris . It is Vernis Edge Paint, made in France, available here in the USA at Rocky Mountain Leather. Perhaps you could find a supplier there? Or check to see if Rocky Mountain Leather will ship internationally. It is different from 'edge paint' in that it is a substance that fills in the cracks - used to be known as 'edge coating' and some smart person changed that to the less conclusive 'edge paint' for it all. :smile:


  11. You also can use leather cement to fill in the cracks, then use the acrylic to color it.
  12. Edge coating/edge paint is made to flow evenly onto the surface and creates a very nice finish. I would not feel at all comfortable with leather 'cement'.

  13. I do it all the time on my Coach rehabs. It fills in the holes and makes a smooth edge. Then I can paint Fiebings edgekote on to get the finish.

    However, I saw a new product in the Hermes forum that I'd like to try. https://forum.purseblog.com/threads/i-did-the-unthinkable-my-so-k25.997252/
  14. I just saw this - this is the Vernis Edge Paint I talked about a few posts ago. :smile:
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