Dyeing BV?

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  1. denim transfer is the worst, it's a dye and it penetrates deeply into the leather.
    do you have any trusty bag spa around?
    i am a dare-devil, i would try myself to apply foam of the mild soap and then wipe it off by a clean wet cloth
  2. No, I’m afraid I don’t know of one. Modern Leather did get back to me about reconditioning BV, so maybe I’ll ask about this.

    I’m not a daredevil like that, BUT my husband is! he is meticulous with the leather seats of our vehicles, maybe I’ll have him try it one day on this!!!
  3. maybe, he has some mild cleaning means???
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  4. He has a shelf in the garage full of leather cleaners, buffers, moisturizers... you name it! He loves to try it different kinds! We’ve had a couple of cars with light beige leather interior (never ever doing that again, especially with a little one now!) and the slightest dirt or stain bothered him.

    Maybe I can suggest this as a challenge, if it gets to a point that it’s just driving me crazy. I’m just worried of possibly damaging it (even more) and it’s the smooshiest leather of all my Bals so I’d hate to ruin it.

    Oh well. Totally my fault for not remembering not to mix it with dark jeans. ☹️
  5. shame, i know :sad:
    but i will keep fingers crossed for you, hope you can find the right means to get the stain off and not ruin the leather.
    If you don't mind, please, take the snaps before and after and post when convenient for our ref and knowledge, if you ever decide to try it! :smile:
    Good luck! :flowers:
  6. @Hershey'sKisses what colour is the Bottega you're wanting to rehabilitate?
    I think if it was a darker colour, you could try to do it on your own, but if it's light, and you like the colour (and want to keep it), I would send it to Modern Leather. Give them the corresponding BV colour, and they should be able to match it really well. :flowers:
  7. Ebano, and eventually maybe my Carmino. I may be brave enough to try doing Ebano on my own, not so sure about Carmino! I’d never be brave enough to try a light color!
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  8. If I decide to ask my husband to try and do it, I’ll be sure to take photos!
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  9. 6C90F39A-BE57-42D9-B91A-B4BF8854CFEA.jpeg
    I’m taking the dyed bag on a business trip tomorrow. It’s softer than when it was first dyed. It’s sapphire and the edges of the strips were also dyed. Here’s a picture. It was faded and grimy when I received it.
  10. That’s beautiful, so shiny!
  11. Dear @Hershey'sKisses, I have tried it on my Krim Veneta today and I think my result is pretty good.
    It was pre-loved with all issues of pre-loved old style Venetas: dirt on the handle, dirt on the zip trim, some wear and light dirt on the corners and in the bottom trim.
    Few days ago I washed it with @ksuromax ’s technology;) The dirt was washed away but the leather was discolored under it.
    So I have bought two leather colors: light grey and blue, mixed them in proportion for make exact Krim color and then I painted all problem points. I have made it with my fingers: I took a very small amount of paint from the palette with one finger, applied and immediately shaded with another.
    I don’t have a pictures of bag condition before washing, I don’t have a pictures of corners before dying, but anyway you can see something here (imagine also standard BV corners wear). Color has covered it perfectly.

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  12. great results!!! :tup: well done!
  13. That’s amazing!!!
  14. I like your method and it works so good! I have to thank you:yes:
    Thank you! I’m amazed of how it was simple. Can I ask what BV color you want to refresh? Did you already do something or send a bag to the atelier?
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  15. Pleasure to be of help! :flowers: