Dyeing BV?

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  1. What brand dye did you use?
  2. Thanks for sharing! I tried to give them a call
    But they were closed, I’ll try again Monday, if they’re open.
  3. IMG_1535870408.237887.jpg
  4. I have successfully refreshed some of my bags, and from my experience I can tell you that it could work with dark shades only: black, brown, dark violet, dark red etc.
    I redyed one brown Veneta; I bought this bag pre-loved and its condition did not match the description and photos.
    When the bag arrived I saw very dry and old, discolored brown leather and some marks and patina on the suede inside that hasn’t been described. I have decided to try my luck.
    So I have cleaned it with Cleaning Lotion&Conditioner by Famaco Paris and leave it for a few hours to dry. Then I dyed the bag with Dark Brown Crème Délicate (Famaco Paris too), pouring the liquid paint on a soft sponge and applying it in soft circular motions. The most important thing is to apply a small quantity of paint and not let it remain between fettucce.
    The bag has faded very much, so I needed to do this several times (4 or 5, waiting for the complete drying every time), but the result was stunning.
    I was guided by the brown color that remained in the leather trim around the pocket inside the bag, and I managed to achieve the same color depth.
    Unfortunately I did not take photos in process but you can see the difference in a picture below.

    Then I also have cleaned suede lining with cocount oil soap (Alga), pulling out the lining and cleaning it with an old toothbrush in very hot water, picking up the soap on the brush and rubbing the dirt off with circular movements. Then I washed off the rest of the soap with hot water and left the bag to dry out. Oh yes, if you will do this, try not to wet the intrecciato part of a bag, or even clean the lining before painting the bag, as the paint in the water can leak and stain the suede.
    Also. When the suede lining dried up after cleaning, it became stiff, but after a few days of use it softened again.

    On the pictures below you can see a result and the products I used.
    I hope my experience will help you.

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  5. Wow what a difference! Thank you for sharing!

    Yes, I’d only do this with dak colors. I wouldn’t dream of experimenting with my Camel. I’ve given up on lighter bags, especially now with a baby. Im just not as mindful anymore. I completely forgot about making sure not to wear my Bal Greige with dark jeans, and now I have some color transfer. ☹️
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  6. Stunning!!! :tup:
  7. what leather is your Bal? Agneau or chevre?
  8. Indiaink has a lot of experience reconditioning bags
    Maybe she will chime in with what she uses
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  9. It’s 06, I’m not sure which leather. It’s a lot mooshier than the other ones I have from more recent years, but I know it really all depends.
  10. then it's old chevre (goatskin)
    did you try the baby wipes?
    but first check on a unnoticeable place, if you are going to try
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  11. I haven’t, I’ve been too scared to try anything. I’ve been scared it might bleed but I’ll try the baby wipes in a small area, hopefully it works! I think I’m also going to stick to darker bags from now on, or make sure I keep the lighter colors as a shoulder bag. I made the mistake of using it my City with a guitar strap so it hung low and rubbed against my jeans.
  12. Stunning. Very impressive work. I’m glad it turned out so well
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  13. any luck?
  14. There’s still some blue in the area I tried to wipe down ☹️ although I didn’t apply a lot of pressure... I’ll just have to try again, but maybe a bit more aggressively. At least it’s in the back of the bag if it doesn’t work. ☹️