Dyeing BV?

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  1. Has anyone successfully re-dyed their bags? I did a search and read that it stiffens up the leather, but will it stiffen if it’s not a full on dye/change of color? More of to “darken” up faded colors. Id like to freshen up some of my bags but don want to risk ruining them. I guess I’m also worried about due transfer to clothes.
  2. Send it modern in NYC
    It will definitely stiffen the leather
  3. I guess I have to decide if I’d rather have “fresh but stiff” or “drapey but a little faded”.

    Maybe I’ll get a quote and try one piece and see how I like it. I do love the mushiness, though.

  4. Have you taken your bag back to BV? They may be able to help with faded areas.
  5. No, I didn’t even think of going to BV... The ones I want freshened up were purchased pre-loved, so I figured they wouldn’t even be able to help! I did email Modern Leather for a quote...

  6. Why don’t you send it for a SPA treatment
    It will recondition the leather and freshen it up
  7. Will Modern Leather do this as well, or can any leather shop? I’ll see when they respond, maybe that will be all that’s necessary instead of re-dyeing... thanks!!!
  8. BV sends all their repairs to Modern
    I would send it to them as they are familiar with BV and have the dyes in case something needs to be touched up
    I think their address and phone number is in a reference thread
    I would call them and talk about what you want or need done and let them advise you
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  9. I asked my local store if they can redying their bags. They gave me the address of a leather specialist who works for BV, to ask him this question because my SA said that BV doesn‘t redying their bags itself.
    This specialist said me that he doesn’t redying wowen BV bags under no circumstances! The color would be irregular because of the wowen leather.
    So I wouldn‘t redying your bags, but maybe „refreshing“ by a really good leather specialist.

    I hope you understand my really bad English. I speak German, French and a little Italian, but ny English is terrible :sad:
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  10. I sent them an email, hoping to hear back soon!
  11. I understand perfectly, and it’s not terrible!
  12. If you don’t hear back from them I would call them
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  13. I have dyed the corners of my Ferro Sloane - but only because I happened to have the exact color from another DIY-project. I have had not problems with color transfer, and it looks good, if I do say so myself
  14. I’m actually tempted to try to dye it myself but I’m scared!
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  15. I bought a Napa bag that I knew was not in good shape but I loved the color. I sent it to Modern Leather and they recommended re-dying. It cost me $250 but the bag was so beautiful when I got it back that I gasped when I unpacked it.

    It is a little stiffer but if I didn’t have un-dyed bags, I might not have noticed. I’m sure I probably decreased the bag life a little but it wasn’t useable before and I know I can carry it for at least a few more years. I have a beautiful bag for a very reasonable total price.

    I’ve sent other bags for repair and I think Modern Leather is pretty conservative and won’t recommend re-dying if your bag doesn’t need it. I don’t recommend sending dust bags to Modern Leather. Instead, I send in a white pillowcase with my name on it.

    Good luck with your bag.