Dyeing an old Alma and bringing her back to life as a custom Macassar beauty!

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  1. I had to share with yall. I bought an old Alma on eBay for $125 with badly stained vachetta. I ordered some black and deep brown Fiebings leather dye from amazon but got impatient waiting so I decided to try Kiwi leather dye. I grabbed a bottle of black and some daubers and q tips and went to work. A couple hours later I have a stunning new bag that goes with everything! My total cost, $132. :smile: I am doing an old Noé brown next and my first Speedy 25 black as well and will post pics when I'm done. With vachetta replacement being SO expensive I think this is a fabulous alternative! I've gotten so many compliments on her.

    And when my VIC ambassador/our boutique manager took me to lunch the other day she fell in love with my newly beautified Alma and said that was a genius idea. She also told me if I ever needed any hardware replacement etc that she would still get it done for me (idk company policy but if you do this, make friends with an SA if you ever want work done ;) )

    So here she is... my Macassar Alma. After dyeing I sealed with carnauba creme. If you use Kiwi you get this lovely gloss similar to DE leather while Fiebings is more matte. I'll be happy to outline the process if anyone wants to know!

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  2. Great rehab idea to the Alma! :smile:
  3. I actually love it so much more with black leather!!! Nice work!! LVoe it!
  4. Wow, you gave that one new life. She looks wonderful.
  5. Wow I love how it looks and the price! I would love to know process
  6. Wow!!!!! I'm so impressed!! I've been dying for LV to make an alma like that without the studs or a speedy in the "Macassar" line. That's just great :loveeyes::heart:
  7. That looks fabulous - very interested in how you managed to do this while protecting the rest of the canvas - she looks amazing!
  8. What a beauty! Well done on the transformation! Looks even better than the original! :biggrin:
  9. Good job!
  10. Wow...this is fantastic!! Great idea
  11. You did a fabulous job!! it looks lovely!!
  12. Wow, that's amazing!! Wonderful job ❤️
  13. WOW......That is fantastic!!!!! :woot:
    Please tell us exactly how you did it!
  14. This is one Alma version I can get behind. Love it. Please do share your process details.

  15. Totally agree that it looks better than original lol
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