dyeing a leather handbag

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  1. Can a bright turquoise bag be dyed to a dark brown or dark teal ?

  2. Dye colors can be difficult to predict when you're going over a different color. I'd send it to an expert like LovinMyBags.com
  3. ^^^^ boy that thread brings back memories! would I do it again, probably not, but after a year the bag still looks great. I never did have any chipping and the bag is still really soft. It's not a bag I use all the time, but it looks great when I take her out and I always get compliments. However, if you ever plan on selling, it will devalue the bag.

    If it's something you are wanting to do, make sure you do your homework. Leathers very greatly and they all take dye differently.
  4. ^ i think you did a fantastic job with that redskater, and it's good news to hear that it still looks great. i think in your case, it might not devalue the bag too much, especially if you were to post the before pics next to the after pics. someone might really appreciate the work you did to restore that bag!
  5. thank you thithi luckily it's my only stam and I have always loved the bag. I enjoy carrying it so it's not on my "hit list"! Hope you get some action on your Nikki. I've got two and it's another of my favorite bags that are keepers. I've thought about trying to let one go, but they are the older style and haven't had any problems with them. honestly, maybe I'm hopeless when it comes to purging bags!:P
  6. Wow! Is all I can say after reading this thread! Totally incredible job! Redskater, you make MJ proud!!!:love:
  7. Most commercial 'dyes' (e.g. Tarrago Self Shine) are not dyes, at all, but paints and there are lots of horror stories, on here, about peeling and flaking.

    Not to mention that they make the leather look painted (which may not be very attractive).

    If you do a forum-wide search using the word 'Tarrago', you'll see what I mean.
  8. I agree that you should send it to a professional and don't try to do it yourself. It's not worth the risk, in my opinion.
  9. I bought a prada that had two huge sport on it, that i *thought* i could get out, but couldn't... ended up dying the whole thing with saddle dye, and it looks awesome after - give me a few mins and i'll post some pics....
  10. OK, here goes... There were two huge stains that lookes like sigarette burns that had been bleeding on the leather, you could see them from across a crowded street and there was NO way i was wearing it like that...
    Bought saddle dye in a dark, dark brown, put gloves on and went to work with a sponge.. and voila.

    The first pic it the bag how it looks now, the second two pics are closeups of where the stains were - you can see a little bit of distress in the leather at those two spots, but that comes from my frenetic RUBBING trying to get the stains out before i thought of the dye, and the 4th pic is when i open the side-sipper and the original colour of the leather shows. I actually like it better NOW!

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  11. i realize that the ilghting in the picture makes it look like you can see the stain in the upper part of the bag in pic 1, but that is just the light - the stains are at the bottom and you really can't see it at all! There is no difference in colour at all.
  12. MOWCAM, that looks great. have you taken it out yet? i have a couple of questions for you, if you don't mind. did you put any sort of top coat or something else on top of the saddle dye? and, what brand was the saddle dye? have you experienced any rub off from the bag? that's what i'm afraid of with dark colors of actual leather dye (not paint).
  13. great job mowcam!! the leather looks great!
  14. I'm thinking of dyeing a Luella bag I just bought from ebay. When it arrived the colour looked pretty different and it had yellow stitching that wasn't visible in the photos, which is such an eyesore and makes me really dislike the bag. But the leather is so buttery soft and I love the simple design and I don't want to just resell the bag.

    I'm thinking of going with Fiebing's dye in tan, but will the dye become a different shade if you're not dyeing white leather? And will it change the quality of the leather? I'd love it if the bag could remain buttery and smooth.