dyed my hair blonde


Feb 8, 2006
Los Angeles
i don't know what the pictures aren't working...i'm trying to fix it :/

hah i feel like i'm always posting here about my hairstyles!
anyway even though its always recommended to get your hair done professionally if you want to go blonde, i'm a cheapo and decided it to do it at home.

i began with red/orange hair with black roots:
(this is the most recent/accurate picture i have of the color)

first i used loreal feria bleach, shade 200 (the bleach blonde, not the super bleach blonde 205)

i applied the bleach all over, wrapped my head in saran wrap, blow dried it on a low heat setting for a minute or two, then wrapped it in a towel.
i washed it out after 40 minutes with a very light, but bright yellow/orange color. 60 minutes was recommended, but i figured it was already light enough and i didn't want to cause more damage than necessary.

then after using the conditioner that came with the bleach, i used loreal preference dream blonde in dark ash blonde.

i didn't particularly wan't ash toned hair, but i figured it would counteract the orange tones after the bleach since i didn't want to use a separate toner.
it was supposed to stay on for 30 minutes, but i left it on for 20 because it was looking pretty dark, and i wanted my hair to be very definitely blonde, not a light brown.

i definitely recommend both of these products, they worked really well! i especially loved dream blonde because it comes with so much aftercare, not just the conditioner like most hair. it also includes a special shampoo to use weekly, and shine cream stuff to use daily.

here's my end result:


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wallet whore
Aug 20, 2006
Indianapolis, IN
are are so stinkin cute! its like a sunflower blond. but you pull it off well! it looks cute! not so much a natural blond color. but i like it!