Dyed My Hair Blonde OMG its awful !!! :(

  1. Hi all, I just dyed my hair blonde and its come out awful, Like a yellow/orange blonde...Im so sad.

    My hair was brown with blonde in the fringe before dying it, well I thought I would add alot more blonde streaks so I poured the dye over my head...I took the dye off 45 mins later and Im so sad :sad:...it looks awful, my head is full blonde, because I couldnt see the dye I must have put it all over.

    So now Im off to my sisters to pick up the shaver so I can shave all my hair off.

    Ive used this dye before and its been ok, but I havent dyed my hair for about 5 weeks so I thought it would be ok :sad:

    Here is a pic of my hair before I dyed it blonde, it was a little shorter than in that pic because I had it cut last week http://www.myspace.com/228021140
  2. It always looks intense immediately after a color job you do yourself. Give it a few more days... it takes time for the brassiness to wash out over several shampoos.

    The blond part in your myspace pic looks fine. It would look very striking in a cropped cut if you are still unhappy and want to do something to it...
  3. dont shave it!! Just put a darker dye on it (brown) and let it "heal" for alittle while before you put more blonde in it.
  4. OMG Girls !!! Its Shaved !!! Still looks ginger/orange but all off !!! I will be dying it again soon brown. But it will be alot easier to dye when its so short. I loved my hair before all this, the brown with blonde in the fringe looked great, I wish I still had it :sad:
  5. I'm so sorry, love!! I too had a bad at home dye job before and my hair turned a brassy orange color. It was horrible! You're lucky you can pull off the shaved head look...lol. Give it time and before you know it you'll have a full head of hair again.
  6. Oh no! Oh God! Why did you shave?

    Oh well. Make the best out of it. Don't go britney and get a skanky wig. Um. Maybe you could try some hats/caps. :yes: Try not to catch a cold, it's easier when you have less hair.
  7. I use a product that I buy at Cost Cutters---sometimes the local drugstore has it called :

    Loreal : New Tone Refiner. It is a balancing toning gloss that tones down yellow, orange of brassy tones. It only needs to stay on your hair for 5 minutes. It is the best product I have ever used when my blond hair picked up the brassy-orange tones from dye.

    They also make it in another shade for highlighted brown hair to get rid of the orange tones.

    It is worth a try with this product.
    Good luck with what ever you do.
  8. There is something else you can buy from the beauty supply store. I'm not sure what it's called, but its basically the same thing as Loreal tone refiner. It's a little blue tube, only costs like $2. You add it to other dyes when you mix and it eliminates brassiness. Everything I put on my hair turns orange or red so I always used this stuff in the past.
  9. Sometimes a toner helps bring the color down a notch..Id see a color specialist personally
  10. Ooops, I just realized you're a guy. Nevermind.
  11. Omg everyone, Im even sadder, well since I have college tomorrow, I walked up my sisters (she lives like 10 mins away) and she had a dye which was dark brown, Ive dyed it and its BLACK !!! OMG :cry::cry: Im nearly crying. All these dyes in one day !!!, im just gunna have to wear a cap tomorrow OMG Im sooooo pissed :crybaby:
  12. Does anyone know if colleges let you wear hats during lessons?? (btw - Im new to college, only started last week)
  13. I'm pretty sure they don't care if you wear a hat or not - I think you'll be ok. Good luck with your hair.
  14. Hey mister...good luck!!! I am so sorry! I know what you are going through...dye is just such a bad thing...maybe not so much all in one day, k? Or in 5 weeks...your hair is quite fragile and will be even more now. Get all the color out of it, and give it a break! Natural is always better, you know!
  15. It's college... you can wear whatever you want (I assume you're not going to a dress-code college like Bob Jones). I've even heard of people going to class naked at UC Berkeley (and it being Bezerkeley, they got away with it!).

    Next time you want to change your hair color, I'd suggest seeing a professional. I know it's more expensive, but it's worth it. I constantly switch between brown and blonde, and my hair would have fallen off if I did it myself.