Dyed Chloe saskia

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  1. Was never keen on the Mustard colour of the saskia I bought on bonanzle so I decided to take the plunge and dye it chocolate brown its not perfect but I am very pleased with it what do you think

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  2. Wow it looks great! I like how the stitching contrasts against the bag, looks lovely :smile:
  3. Thanks qwerty yes I am getting to like that now too it has a kind of purple undertone with is nice I just felt I may as well give it a try myself as I wasn't using it but I love the style

    It would have cost almost £200 to get it done professionaly this cost me £15 :biggrin:
  4. Wow, what a saving! :nuts: Well done! I never would have guessed you had done it yourself until you said - it looks great :smile:
  5. You did it yourself??:nuts: Tell me exactly how you did it. I don't have any purse I want to dye at the moment but I have shoes I want to dye. This is so exciting!! And you are very brave!!:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  6. Yes, I would like to know how you did it- it looks a really good job! and you are happy with it, which is the main thing! Clever girl. :dothewave:
  7. Thanks girls I was very nervous but I just thought I would go for it so I bought the dye from e bay the make was Fiebings that looked the most professional to me a 4oz bottle so double the usual size but as you know the Saskia is quite big I think the key to the dye taking was buying the de glazer

    I rubbed the bag with the de glazer and while it was damp applied the dye which was chocolate brown ( mustard was the original colour) Once dry I cleaned with neuteral leather cleaner as it had a metallic sheen on it which is quite usual according to the dye instructions but once cleaned that came off then I sprayed with a waterstop spray and hey presto

    Very happy with the results its not perfect but I would say I am 99% satisfied with it :yahoo:
  8. I will look for the dye at ebay. Did you bought the de glazer at ebay, too? Have you used the Saskia since? Have you noticed any dye coming off to skin or clothes? I assume the dye comes with the instruction about which applicator should be used or drying time or etc., right? Sorry, so many questions but I have wanted to dye a pair of shoes for so long.:smile:
  9. OMG:nuts:
  10. De Glazer was the same make I am nervous about taking it out in the rain but none has rubbed off on me in the dry weather :biggrin:
  11. im really impressed - with your bravery at doing it yourself and how fabulous it turned out.
    well done - and what a great idea for any of those older chloes needing a facelift with those faded corners. Really really great job. I doubt i could do as well.
  12. First of all how courageous of you to do it! And it looks really good on the pic. I'd like to know whether the dying affected the feel/touch of the leather, what would you say?
  13. Thanks girls :biggrin:

    The leather feels great still just as soft as before it hasn't affected the texture at all

  14. Ooh that's good to know....I wonder if I could maybe undo all the mistakes I've made with my silverado and dye it brown too? Then I'd have a chocolate brown silverado! You make it sound so easy Jackie....I'm tempted!
  15. It was a lot easier than I expected I only did it as I knew I wouldn't use it as it was too bright a colour for me also i couldn't sell it as I had put different shoe polishes on it to try and darken it with no luck