Dyed balenciaga calcaire hobo HELP!

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  1. I just bought a 2006 hobo bag in Calcaire on *bay. It was dyed dark blue using Tarrago DIY dye and i want to remove the color and then have it professionally dyed a dark brown or black. Does anyone have any suggestions? I will try to remove the dye myself and then send it out to be re-dyed, but i want some advise on the best products to use. I have done some searching and was impressed with advleather.com. This is the * ebay listing for my bag with photos:

    and here is for the leather cleaner:

    Let me know what you think!!!
  2. hello stacyannvh !, glad you received the bag ok , will be interested to see how this goes for you !
  3. i dont think that removes dye..
    you probably have to send it to a professional cleaner
  4. didn't i see that someone had used paint thinner or something ? not that you'll get the colour out of the whippstitching on the handles or the zipper fabric i shouldn't have thought.
  5. I actually talked to barbara at LMB and she told me that i could try using acetone at my own risk and then apply the silk treatment to it after, so that's what the plan is for now! I will let you know how it goes and post some before and after pics. Thanks!
  6. ^^ So brave.

    Let us know how it goes with the acetone. Yes, someone posted on my thread somewhere that she used paint thinner and it actually turned out fine.
  7. wooo i have a dyed back that i would like to get the dye off too
    where would i get something like that?? just hardware store?
  8. ok i tried the nail polish remover technique
    and it works really really well except for the paint that are stuck in the cracks..
    i will keep you guys up todate.... hopefully wont ruin the leather
  9. i don't think there's going to be anything that'll get all the dye off, like you say, the cracks will keep the dye more, which when it comes to the re-dye would worry me , the bags may end up with an uneven finish , but i guess if you're going black it probably wouldn't be a problem.
  10. I used acetone that i bought from home depot. It worked like a charm, but did not take the dye out of the cracks. I don't know how to upload a photo to show you, but i'm going to figure it out. I took most of the dye of yesterday and the leather seems to be fine today..its a bit dry, but i'm going to apply the silk treatment that i bought at lovinmybags and see how that works. Honestly, as terrible as it sounds to apply paint thinner to a balenciaga's leather, it didn't damage it like i feared it may. I will give updates, but i would recomend the acetone. It will not remove all of it, but if you want to dye it another color after, this is what i would recomend..
  11. you can upload by clicking on "go advanced" under the quick reply box, or upload to photobucket or something.
  12. any updates on this ?
  13. Yes! I actually photographed the bag with my blackberry, but i can't upload the photos because they are too big apparently. I can email them to you if you would like! I am going to apply Fiebings leather dye in black to the bag in a couple of days after i have applied conditioner a couple of more times. I will take a photo of the finished product and post. If you want photos, just let me know where to email them!
  14. here's a pic of the bag with the dye removed that stacyannvh sent to me last night, she gave me permission to post .

  15. The actual color of the bag is much less blue in reality. This is a very close up shot. It's a lot more rose than it is blue.. The leather held up very well.