Dye Transfer Solution

  1. I know there are a few threads where people have expressed concerns about dye transfer--onto different bags, different colors etc. I didn't want this valuable info to get buried, so I decided to start a new thread so everyone is aware.

    Huggies Brand Shea Butter Baby Wipes work like a charm! I had a black sweater transfer onto my white DS, and the shea butter baby wipes were recommended to me so I tried them and the bag now looks just like it did the day I got it. Also, it came clean very easily. I only had to use one wipe, and didn't even have to "scrub" so it did not damage the leather grain at all.
  2. Thanks for the info! Glad to hear it came right off!
  3. Great tip - thank you!
  4. Great tip!! thx!
  5. Great tip! thanks for the PM! :smile: Will try that on my pink lambskin!
  6. Thank you for the reminder--I remember reading about baby wipes, but not which brand. :smile:
  7. Very important info. Thanks so much for posting.
    I'd love to hear others who have tried as well. Is it important to get the stain early?
  8. thank you ellerbean, i think i will run out and get some tomorrow before they've all been grabbed by tpfers, lols.
  9. Wow! thank you so much for this info! I shall get some asap....may even be better than the LCi leather cleaner I posted about this evening, in answer to a PFer's concern about white bags..............
  10. Thank You ~ I Am Going To Pick Up Some!!!:smile:
  11. Thanks for the info!!