Dye transfer on Straw Tote?

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  1. UGH!! I just noticed dye from my dark jeans transferred onto my Straw Hampton's tote...how on earth do I clean it??? Also, I noticed the mesh around one of the jewels came off. Is that worth fixing? It looked so nice with it on it!


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  2. OH NO!!! That is one heck of a bag, so I'm sure you're devastated.

    I wouldn't even BEGIN to know how to clean it...maybe call JAX...and mention the mesh issue--they may take it in for repair with that being the problem.

    Poor girl.
  3. :cry:
  4. Call JAX...they are open 24/7. Let them know about the mesh issue...if you can send the bag in for repairs, maybe mention the color transfer. You can be upset, but it's not hopeless yet...explore your options, ALL of them!
  5. that bag is pretty i hope they come out with a straw bag this summer as well, since i passed it up last year! i agree with Italiahaircolor, call JAX. They may have a solution for ya
  6. Oh that is so bad.. the color transfer Jax will do nothing about. But you can try a Q-tip and alocohal..

    As to the straw you should take it in and see if they can fix it.

    I am really sorry that is a Fab bag...
  7. Just a little update...

    looks like the alcohol did work a little bit!
  8. oh no that is awful.. its such a beautiful bag!