Dye transfer...HELP


Newly Addicted
I have searched and have been unable to find info, so here is my question:
I have a beautiful baby blue bag that I had yet to use. I took her out to use her and the front of the bag has brown dye transfer on a number of areas. I am in need of information as to how to remove the marks. I contacted the designer CS and was told that some of their bags will transfer dye, no help...I had my brown one next to the blue for about a month. I guess that's when it happened.
I am freaked out. I love this bag and have it in three colors. I am afraid to use them now, as I do want my jackets/coats ruined.
But my real concern here is how do I remove the brown from my blue?
Any suggestions are appreciated
Jan 29, 2006
Chicago, IL
I have never personally been successful with getting out dye myself...I have always taken my bag to my cobbler or someone who really can treat the bag properly to get all of the dye out safely.